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  • Sweet Imperfections Releases New Song “Ignorance Is Violence”

  • American singer-songwriter Bri Schillings' musical project Sweet Imperfections released a new song “Ignorance Is Violence”.

    Written during a road trip in 2021, Bri Schillings was inspired by the lingering smoke from the devastating wildfires that ravaged California.
    She witnessed the effects of our ignorance around the pressing subject of climate change and the violence of our ignorance we were experiencing first hand.
    On the track, hoping to raise awareness of climate change, she urges “Ignorance is Violence” to inspire individuals and groups to take action to counter the impacts of climate change.
    Bri Schillings said, “On top of experiencing first hand the hottest summer recorded, breathing smoke from the fires, we felt a weight of frustration and recognized our responsibility to take a stand. We had recently watched Greta Thunberg's documentary 'I am Greta' which inspired us to use a clip from one of her speeches during the outro of the song.”
  • Bri Schillings shared, “'Ignorance is violence' is a call to action for all of us to recognize the harm that our ignorance has caused to our planet, and work to overcome it. Our earth is facing a crisis, one that threatens not only our own well-being, but the well-being of every living creature on Earth.”
    She continued, “It's time we take responsibility for our actions and work together to preserve our environment. We must realize that every aspect of our lives is intimately tied to the health of our planet, everything we do has an impact on the environment, and that our actions can have long-lasting effects that are felt across generations. But we can't do it alone, we need the support of governments, businesses, and other organizations to make meaningful progress. That's why we need to advocate for policies and regulations that prioritize environmental protection, and hold companies accountable for their impact on the planet.”
    She added, ”Let us all strive to be more open-minded, informed, and compassionate working together to ensure that we leave behind a healthy, thriving planet for all to enjoy.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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