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  • Dermot Kennedy Drops New Music Video for “Innocence and Sadness”

  • Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy has dropped a new music video for “Innocence and Sadness”.

    The song is featured on his sophomore album “Sonder”, which was released last November.
    The track was written by Dermot Kennedy, and produced by Jonah Shy and Scott Harris.
    The video was directed by Talia Favia and Sean Lew, featuring dancers Sean Lew, Diego Pasillas, Courtney Schwartz, Kiarra Waidelich, Anthony Curley, Madison Smith, Bella Tagle, Easton Magliarditi, and Sam Fine.
    Dermot Kennedy said of the video, I am so honoured to be able to present this video. “In the middle of my US tour this summer, on a day off I took a trip out to the woodlands in California to work on this with Talia Favia and Sean Lew. It was so inspiring to play a small part in their vision, and I think they captured so much human emotion in this one routine. Thank you Sean and Talia, and all the dancers involved that day, for giving this visual and this story to a song that's so important to me. It was an honour to make this with you!”
  • Talia Favia said, “For those of you who have followed my journey, I'm sure you understand just how special this project is to me. The evolution with Dermot Kennedys music has been so important and paramount in my work. To be able to make something with him and for him for a song like “Innocence and Sadness”, which I believe to be one of his most pivotal songs he's ever written, is truly a dream come true. this project stands as a privilege reflecting the remarkable synergy that happens when two art forms share a honest and profound creative bond. Thank you Dermot Kennedy for bringing out the best in people and making people feel. You're one of the rare ones.”

  • Sean Lew said, “The day that I met Dermot with Talia, I immediately knew that there was nothing that was going to stop us from making something together. For years, I've been one of the biggest fans of Dermot's music, I've danced to it, I've choreographed to it as well, I've performed to it… And so getting the opportunity to create and perform WITH him, is unlike anything I could have imagined. The utter emotion and honesty in his voice, makes his second to none and creating this project has been an experience and a half.
    And to direct this project alongside with Talia has been a true testimony to our relationship together. All I've wanted to do was to showcase her work in the best way possible, so it was a honor to implement my film perspective onto her work. No one can ever speak movement through Dermot's music like Talia can and I know we proved that here today.”

    Dermot Kennedy told Apple Music about the song, “As a child, I realized I had this really powerful sense of wonder and a really strong imagination. I lived within these fairy tales in my head. There's a lyric in this song that says, 'Innocence and sadness was a fine line,' because to me it feels like you hit a certain age and then all this responsibility and seriousness and worry and all these things you got to think about come into your life. I battled with that because as a songwriter, it's very important for me to retain my sense of wonder. It feels like a dance I'm doing the whole time. I'm at a point in my life where I really do contend with battling the loss of my innocence.”
  • source : YouTube
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