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  • Wilkinson Premieres New Song “Never B Mine” with Kioto Bug on BBC Radio 1

  • British DJ Mark Wilkinson, aka Wilkinson premiered a new song “Never B Mine” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Jack Saunders.

    This time, he teamed up with the mysterious project Kioto Bug on the track.
    The song is the follow-up to “Infinity” featuring ILIRA, iiola and Tom Cane, which was released back in March.
    It was written by Mark Wilkinson and Liberty Lovell. Produced by Mark Wilkinson.
    Wilkinson told Jack Saunders about the song, “The track we made it a year ago. Kioto Bug, it's hard to talk about really because they want to keep their identity secret, which I get. But we made the track last year and we're kind of trying to work out what to do with it. Initially it was just a bit of fun. And then basically that started dropping it in the clubs. And after a while, I was just like, what?, I've got to put this one out. So, I mean it's been a year. I think I dropped it first in Las Vegas. I did back to sub focus. And over there I was like wow, these guys loving this, so just had to put it out.”
  • He continued, “I think it's one of those things. It's really important for me like I'd like to make music that works on headphones or works on the phone. But also it needs to bang in the club. So, it's one of those real hard things to sort of weave in between as a producer and Something I'm always trying to do and this definitely hits that mark I feel like.”
    He added, “The vocal is just really simple chords. And we made this like, they were like we wanted we have this kind of aesthetic. And so I was like okay, let me see what that is. And then we kind of made this sound before these like with. And I kind of you know, it's a bit of a throwback jungle kind of pads. And that just set up and then they came up with a vocal and I was just like, Okay, let's loop that up and then I'll drop in. Honestly, that sometimes my last single 'Infinity' that took three months to finish. And this one kind of rolled out in a couple of weeks and then I was playing it. So these are always the ones that are real special and they just fall into place.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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