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  • Jacob Weil Releases New Song “9999” from Debut Album “Lived In”

  • Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Jacob Weil released a new song “9999” on August 18, 2023.

    The song is featured on his full-length debut album “Lived In”.
    The track was written by Jacob Weil and Luca Angelo Fogale. Produced by Sam Weber.
    Jacob Weilsaid of the song, “My song '9999' is about multiple realities… more specifically, it represents the nine-thousand-nine-hundred-ninety-nine ways out of ten thousand that your life could have gone, had you made one specific decision, as opposed to another. It’s a reflection on a life, a relationship, whatever, where you made a decision, and things ended up one way instead of another.”
    He continued, “Specifically, the song is about a relationship that felt so right, where everything was so perfect, and yet it didn’t work out. It’s about imagining a multitude of realities, in which, if you lived the same life 10000 times, you just happened to be living in the one where things didn’t work out.”
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    The debut album comprises 12-track, produced by Sam Weber. His band and Sam Weber, he traveled from Los Angeles to Tornillo, Texas, recording five days at the legendary Sonic Ranch studio.
    Jacob Weil said of the album, “The album started off as a collection of songs from different periods of my life when I experienced significant growth and change. I didn’t begin with a set throughline between them, but it became apparent later on as I was looking back at them that they all shared a commonality: a reflection on what it feels like to be part way through one’s life and have a mind, body, spirit and even home that feel 'lived in.'”

  • He added, “Just over a year ago, we disappeared into the desert of Tornillo, Texas to make this record at Sonic Ranch Residential Recording Studios. Sam, Tejas, Danny and I, spent five 15 hour days living and breathing these songs. The experience was ephemeral, strange, and almost supernatural. Those few long days will be etched into my being forever.”
  • source : Apple Music
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