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  • Mitski Premieres New Song “Heaven” on BBC Radio 1

  • American singer-songwriter Mitski premiered a new song “Heaven” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Jack Saunders on August 23, 2023.

    The song will appear on her upcoming seventh studio album “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We”, which is due out on September 15, 2023.
    The track was written by Mitski Miyawaki and produced by Patrick Hyland.
    She recorded the song with the orchestra at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles and her vocals was recorded in Nashville.
    Mitski told Jack Saunders abut song, “For heaven, the feeling I wanted to portray was romance. I think it's a classically romantic song. It's about wanting to cherish the little time you have with the person you love, especially because the world outside can be quite terrible and hard sometimes. So it's a song about let's leave the world outside of our room for now. And enjoy this, this beautiful love we have.”
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    She continued, “We recorded the orchestral bits at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, California. And a lot of the players we've got our people who usually play on Disney soundtracks, like you know big guns who are really good at that sound. And we somehow got them through our orchestrator and Drew Erickson and the band. And my vocals were recorded in Nashville, because we also wanted a sort of like, really good Nashville band”.
    She released another song “Star” from the album on the same day.
    She said, “I think they show two very different flavors of the album and I kind of wanted to show various sides to the album through the singles because both like an angel is also very different from 'Heaven' and 'Star' and I just wanted it to be like, Look, this album has it all.”

  • Mitski said of the new album as her “most American album” in a press release.
    She added, “The best thing I ever did in my life was to love people. I wish I could leave behind all the love I have, after I die, so that I can shine all this goodness, all this good love that I've created onto other people.”

    Photo by Ebru Yıldız
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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