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  • Forty Foot Returns With New Song “Melty Brains”

  • Dublin-based alt-rock band Forty Foot, consisting of Mark Dillon (guitar), Sam Coffey (guitar/vocals), Anthony Ross (drums) and Keith Ennis (bass), returned with a new song “Melty Brains” on July 28, 2023.

    The song is their first single in almost a year and a half since “Idna”, which was released last March.
    The song title is named from a piece of Dublin slang used to describe “a situation where someone keeps telling you a really boring story.”
    The track was written by Forty Foot and recorded at Camden Recording Studio in Dublin.
    The band opted for a one-take approach to complement their fuzzy '90s sound.
    Sam Coffey said of the song, “We all just got in the room and went for it. We had everything turned up so there's bleed on every track, I did my vocals in the control room so there's bleed from the monitors too. We wanted to capture how we play it live and channel that energy.”
  • Mark Dillon added, “We grew up in an era where rock bands played live and loud, anything else is weird to us. I love the energy and intensity of live bands and we always try to capture that with our recordings. We don't like to sit in a booth and layer guitars over each other: we play live with a few amps and every distortion pedal. There's so much feedback on our guitars, I thought our engineer was going to hate us. But he loved it, he got the vibe.”

  • Photo by Illustrations By Ash
    Background photo by P-Maxx Live Music Photography
  • source : Apple Music
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