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  • & Britney Spears Team Up for New Song “MIND YOUR BUSINESS”

  • American rapper and Black Eyed Peas' member teamed up with American singer-songwriter Britney Spears to release a new song “MIND YOUR BUSINESS” on July 21, 2023.

    This marks the second collaboration between and Britney Spears since the 2012 single “Scream & Shout”. shared on social media, “I'm sooo honored and excited for this release. Thank you Britney're one of the most fearless, strongest, kindest, purest people I've met in my life…I always loved working with you and I always will...”
    The track was written by William Adams, Britney Spears, Johnny Goldstein, and Anthony Preston. Produced by William Adams, ohnny Goldstein, and Anthony Preston. appeared on CBS Mornings to speak about the collaboration with Britney Spears, “I've been a fan, a friend and a supporter of Britney throughout the years. A supporter as far as a person who goes out and listens to her music, a supporter as far as somebody that's there to help champion her through her times when she was fighting for her liberation. She is an amazing person.”
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    He continued, “Dancing is therapy for lots of people. It helps you with anything that you're going through. I see that every time I see her dance on her Instagram. I light up, because I see how much she loves music. To collaborate with her now and then, when you're in the studio, when you're making music, that's the only thing that matters. I see the same light, the same joy, the same love and passion.”
    He added, “When you're in the spotlight, a lot of times you just want to live your life. There's lyrics in the song that pint to that not just for people that are in the spotlight but even on my verse I say 'Hands up in the cookie jar/ They watching me, they watching y'all.' That has to do with privacy and everyone else, every individual out there who feels that they are not living a private life in social media. There's a thin line, and everyone deserves their own version of privacy is what 'MIND YOUR BUSINESS' is.”
  • source : Spotify
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