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  • MisterWives Releases New Album “Nosebleeds”

  • New York/Los Angeles-based alt-pop band MisterWives, consisting of Mandy Lee (vocals), Etienne Bowler (drums), William Hehir (bass), Marc Campbell (guitar), and Mike Murphy (keyboards), released their highly anticipated fourth studio album “Nosebleeds” on July 14, 2023.

    It is their first body of work in three years since the 2020 album “Superbloom”.
    Also the album is their first release under their new label Resilient Little Records.
    The album comprises 14-track, produced by Aidan Rodriguez, CAL, Dylan William, Etienne Bowler, Jason Suwito, Louis Schoorl and Mandy Lee.
    The band lead singer Mandy Lee said of the album, “'This is our best music yet. 'Nosebleeds' encompasses both meanings of the word–feeling high up and beat down–a response to the punches that leaned into the messy middle without fast forwarding to a silver lining. Learning along the way that the journey is both heavy and delicate, vulnerable and strong, betrayal and trust, ugly and beautiful. Being a band for ten years and still standing despite the amount of times we've been dropped, a bandmate quitting during the pandemic, a divorce–the perfect storm for how bands historically fall apart–felt like a pretty big triumph and moment to allow ourselves to create our fourth record with no limitations and without feeling boxed into what others might expect from us."
  • MisterWives explained track-by-track for the album.
    The band shared on social media, “Welcome to Nosebleeds! Poured our guts into these 14 songs and didn't rush to clean up the mess! 🩸❤️🗡️
    So unbelievably thankful to everyone who helped make this album possible and to anyone who has been with us since day one, just joined now or somewhere in between, words will never be able to express our gratitude for how much your support has kept us going. This record helped me survive these last few years and I hope it can be of service to your own journey now that it's all YOURS! 🌹🌹🌹🌹”

  • “Out Of Your Mind”
    “'Out of Your Mind' came from a time when I experienced devastating betrayal from people I trusted. This paradigm shift sent me into a deep spiral of self-doubt–one that gave weight to scathing comments and made me question whether or not it was time to give up on music. Instead of succumbing to the doubt, I finally began my journey with therapy and a new, emboldened sense of self emerged that fueled what became this album.
    Stepping out of our comfort zone and not masking uncomfortable feelings with arpeggiated synths and sweet progressions was a pivotal moment needed to let go of pain and anger that was no longer mine to carry, while also giving us creative freedom to not feel boxed in to what might be expected from us.”

    “Meet Dagger! Track 2 of nosebleeds and one of my favorites that I refused to leave on the cutting room floor even though we were passed album deadline and had immense ~*stUdio f3vEr*~ 'When it all goes wrong maybe it's right' was a lyric that kept resurfacing these last few years that became a little mantra while in the trenches that would help reframe moments that felt like a loss and trusting I was gaining space for something better. Dagger is a song about the duality of forgiving hard times while not rushing your healing or in the words of verse 2- 'I dream of a garden, not growing resentment- I used to want karma but I need contentment.' Thanks to our not so secret weapons and dear friends Dylan Bauld and Michael Kamerman who gave this demo wings.”

    “The title track of nosebleeds! song 3 of the record! What started it all! back in 2021, when we were having brutally hard conversations about potentially having to take a break from music, if you told us that we'd be hearing this song on the radio a few short years later, we wouldn't believe you. But we believe it now and are so proud of how much we turned no's into knowing and proud of this resilient little record that was born out of being told our music was DOA”

    “All The Same”
    “To the group of kids across the street who play in their garage every Saturday and inspired so much of this album- Thank you. From what they were playing (Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, Garbage, Joan Jett aka impeccable taste) to how much raw unabashed joy they had while playing that made me want to reconnect with why I started music in the first place. Their rehearsal every Saturday was such a light during a dark time where I was stuck in a depressive anxious loop that felt like a revolving door I couldn't get off of. No matter how much I took all the steps to get my mind 'healthy'- from therapy, anti-depressants, journaling, daily walks, eating well- everything still felt the same. but as most things in life- working through trauma and all the side effects that come along for the ride hasn't and will probably never be linear and the more I've accepted that the less resistance exists in my body and mind. Hope this song feels like a hug to anyone who knows this loop well.”

    “Track 5 of Nosebleeds is Sideway. The feeling you get when at a crossroads of knowing it's time to let someone go vs actually doing so can leave you Sideways and this song is a reckoning of that in between. Writing Sideways was that time of the album where a song about dissociating from toxic relationships as means to cope desperately needed a dance break…and ginger shots.”

    “Trigger Pull”
    “Track 6 of Nosbleeds was the wake up call for how time is too limited to stay trapped within a comfort zone that isn't comfortable at all. The saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” kept circulating when writing the album knowing this time around I had to be the variable that changed rather than putting trust in places that have historically only ever proven it isn't safe to do so. Pulling the trigger and starting Resilient Little Records was the first step to reclaiming our power in an industry and society that makes you feel powerless over your own autonomy and individuality.”

    “Too Late”
    “One we absolutely can't wait to play live and play for anyone who ever asks the age old question, 'what's it like being a woman in mUSicCcc??¿??' Too Late is the soundtrack to leaving behind external validation and expectations from people who make you feel like 'today you're too much-tomorrow you're not enough'”

    “Silver Lining”
    “Sometimes the most comforting silver lining is that you aren't alone in the experiences that feel so lonely. That's what this beautiful community has done for me and I hope this album does the same for you.”

    “Trip Around The Sun”
    “Another trip around the sun and I'm still coming undone! track 9 is the new happy birthday for accepting life rarely going to plan and surrendering to not trying to get it right.”

    “Flower Moon”
    “Track 10 is Flower Moon- exiting my delulu era of trying to control the uncontrollable as a means to feel safe. This is a special one I can't believe is yours in two days.”

    “Broken Glass”
    “Song 11 is the unlearning of everything that keeps you trapped trying to be someone for everyone else but yourself. Made for the windows down and the feels turned all the way up with legends Dylan Bauld and Morgan Meyn Nagler.”

    “End Of My Rope”
    “Track 13 is joy as an act of rebellion in the face of countless suckerpunches both personally and collectively. When writing this with brilliant friends @suwito and @seanvanvleet the escapism needed, the place I would go to mentally-was the show. The freedom, the connection, the cathartic release it's provided all these years has been the light at the end of the tunnel that's kept me going. End of my rope is just for us, a place to go where the pressure cannot follow!”

    “The softer side of Nosebleeds about the hardest feelings. I hold this little light on the dark extra close and hope you do too. Biggest thanks to the incomparable Jason Suwito and Sean Van Vleet for creating such a special one with me- this song poured out so organically and effortlessly which speaks volumes to how comfortable they made me feel writing about the uncomfortable.
    An intimate video for an intimate reflection of struggling with comparison, self deprecation, lack of embodiment and the awareness of wanting to break those lifelong coping mechanisms that no longer serve who you want to be. As always, thank you to MVP Matty Vogel for running out the door with me on a whim whenever the sun or the clouds were cooperating with what we were aiming to shoot for Ultraviolet.”

    Photo by Matty Vogel
  • source : Apple Music
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