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  • Holysseus Fly Announces Debut EP “Birthpool”, Shares New Song “Bloom”

  • Bristol-based singer-songwriter Holysseus Fly has announced her debut EP “Birthpool” on November 3, 2023.

    From the EP, she released the third single “Bloom” along with a music video on July 7, 2023.
    The song features B-side “Marigold”.
    It was written by Holysseus Fly and Holly Wellington. The accompanying video was directed by Jack Liley.
    Holysseus Fly said of the song, “Bloom is about taking ownership of my own creativity. Planting my creations into the ground and allowing them to grow without bashing them down. Understanding that I needed time away to learn and feel inspired, then when I was ready for flowers to bloom, I choose to plant them for myself. 'Bloom' describes the process of making my debut EP, de-weeding negative critical thoughts and feeding the ideas time, water and wine to allow them to bloom.”
    She continued “The music video is a visual representation of this. At first you see the painters' perception of me, I begin as their creation. When the song drops I take things into my own hands and write my own story.”
  • Director Jack Liley said of the video, “The metaphors are two fold within this video. Firstly if you think about a flower blooming, it starts off quite plain and hidden like a seed. It grows as a stem, and then in the right moment, when it's ready, it explodes into amazing colour. That's partly where the inspiration for the narrative of the video came from.”
    He continued, “Then with regards to Holly, we talked about how she was feeling when she wrote the song. The painters represent the nagging thoughts within her own head observing, waiting on and analysing her. Then when she does explode into performance and music and the song drops, she has this amazing defiant power. She's so much more powerful than they or how she had imagined.”
    He added, “I've had the idea of Holly being painted within a still life class for ages, I loved how we adapted that to the song and the meaning. Cinematically we started off quite slow, controlled and intimate with movement. The end of the song became more free flowing and the editing became distorted to show more of a creative burst.”

  • Photo by Jack Lilley
  • source : Apple Music
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