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  • Jacob Collier Performs “The Sun Is In Your Eyes” at The Hollywood Bowl

  • London-based singer-songwriter Jacob Collier released a live performance video for “The Sun Is In Your Eyes”.

    The video was filmed at The Hollywood Bowl in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles and was directed by Kahler Suzuki.
    He will perform with Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at The Hollywood Bowl on September 13, 2023.
    Jacob Collier shared on social media, “A special Hollywood Bowl rendition of The Sun Is In Your Eyes on a verdant morning in February with my trusty Taylor 5-string guitar. Join me, my band, and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra here on September 13th, for a Djesse show like no other!”
    The song is featured on his 2020 6-track EP “Jacobean Chill”. It was written and produced by Jacob Collier.
  • Jacob Collier is currently working on his upcoming album “Djesse Vol. 4”. The Djesse is the quadruple-album project.
    He said of the album, “Djesse started off as an idea to do one massive album, which then grew to four factions of my musical universe. Volume four, which I've almost finished, is about the human voice. I started my journey as a musician by recording my own voice on top of itself, making these layers and chords. I've become really obsessed with the idea that everyone in the world has a voice, and every voice is different. I've been touring this whole year - about 80 shows and at each show, I like to "conduct" the audience as a choir for the album. So, it's a 100,000-strong voice choir populating the record. The feeling of conducting it is crazy, because you're riding this huge wave of people. Everyone is a musician. Everyone inherently understands enough music to participate, if they're guided in the right way. The thing that blows my mind is all the walks of life that converge at that moment all these different perspectives on the world come together.”
  • source : Apple Music
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