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  • Emika Love Releases New Song “Bad Day Not Life”

  • American singer-songwriter Emika Love released a new song “Bad Day Not Life” on May 19, 2023.

    The song was produced by Max Bitov and mixed and mastered by Prodigy Muzix.
    The track speaks volumes about overcoming bad days and remembering that the forces of good and bad can coexist with lyrics such as “In the sun love the rain when it's dark out” and “You get to pick your battles, but it's a must to fight all of them”.
    Emika Love told New Scene Magazine about the song in an interview, “The song 'Bad Day Not Life' came upon a series of bad days I had. When it was raining it was pouring and I would tell myself 'It's just a bad day not life Emika, just a bad day.' When you have a bad day you just feel like you're in a hamster wheel and you just keep spinning but not getting anywhere. Sometimes you just are like, 'Why right now? Why me?' but you have to remember what is meant for you is for you. You're supposed to go through bad days and you have to keep telling yourself everything is okay. So basically this saying helped me, so I wanted to make it into a song so anyone else having a bad day can put this song on and feel comfort that it will be okay. You can get through everything and remember it's just a 'Bad Day Not Life'.”
  • source : Apple Music
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