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  • Corey Taylor Announces New Album “CMF2”, Shares New Song “Beyond”

  • American heavy metal band Slipknot's vocalist and singer-songwriter Corey Taylor announced his second solo album “CMF2” would be released on September 15, 2023.

    It is his first album in three years since the 2020 album “CMFT”. The album comprises 13-track, produced by Corey Taylor and Jay Ruston.
    He recorded 26 songs for the album and chose 23 songs.
    Corey Taylor told NME about the album, “There are 13 songs on the album that made sense together and really hit, but I’m also holding stuff back because I love the reaction the b-sides album got last time.”
    He continued, “The album was built specifically to play live. This project has definitely reignited my love for playing music. It’s kind of showing me what my future is going to be, for better or for worse.”
  • From the album, he unveiled the fist single called “Beyond” along with a music video on May 16, 2023.
    The track was written and produced by Corey Taylor with production by Jay Ruston.
    Corey Taylor said of the song, “I originally wrote it as an aggressive romantic song, but I’m also looking at it now as a kind of ‘come together’ song. Bringing the masses together and letting them know that I want my music to take them beyond what they may think about me. Maybe they’ve had a misconception about me. It’s not exactly a calling card, more like throwing the bat signal up and being, ‘All right, let’s turn everything on its head.’ It’s almost a dual threat, because now I look at it from two standpoints.”

  • The accompanying music video was directed by Dale “Rage” Resteghini, who filmed at an abandoned water park in Lake Dolores, California in the Mojave Desert.
    Corey Taylor told Rolling Stone about the video, “This whole video is a metaphor. It’s a representation of where we are right now as a nation, as a country, as a people. The fact that no one accepts that Americans look different, talk different, speak different, love different is completely fucking ludicrous. So this video is a journey of where America is right now going to where America is right now, because like it or not, this is America, man.”
    Director Dale “Rage” Resteghini added, “Corey’s creative thinking process, he’s got a real vision for the project. He’s one of the few true rock stars left. We wanted to do a live performance at the end, because Corey wants to give back to his fans that came out, because we are three hours out from anywhere.”

    Photo by Pamela Littky
  • source : Apple Music
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