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  • Julia Sound Releases New Song “Grow” featuring Edzi'u & Kinnie Starr

  • British-Canadian composer-producer Lin Gardiner, aka Julia Sound teamed up with Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Edzi'u and Toronto-based singer-songwriter Kinnie Starr to release a new song “Grow” on April 21, 2023.

    The song is the second single from Julia Sound's upcoming sophomore album “Nothing Above The Blue Sky”, which is set to be released on May 26, 2023.
    The new 10 track album is the first LP in two years since the 2021 album “Heal”.
    The track was written by Lin Gardiner, Edzi’u and Kinnie Starr. Produced by Lin Gardiner.
    Lin Gardiner said of the song, “I’d been collaborating with both Edzi’u and Kinnie Starr over the past couple of years on their respective solo projects. I hold both artists in high esteem… Edzi’u is a singer, composer, performer, sound designer and storyteller of epic proportions – an up and comer who I think has a long future in this industry… And Kinnie is legendary - an iconic and forthright musician, writer, artist, activist and thinker..”
  • She continued, “When I came up with the sketch of the beat, I thought of Edzi’u right away for the lead and loved what they came back with. I also had Edzi’u lay down some keys, which is the high stereo drone you hear throughout the track. It’s cool. I wanted a little more life than just the programmed drums and hired Jenny Brooklin who set up a kit in her kitchen on Galiano and sent a few files. It’s subtle, but I like how it adds some ‘air’ to the beat. The icing on the cake was when Kinnie was up for adding some vocals..”

  • Edzi'u said, “Lin sent me the beds to "Grow," and asked if I could do some vocals, giving me creative range to do whatever felt natural. In that moment in my life I had been recovering from a lot of setbacks, with my health, my personal life, feeling very betrayed by people I had loved and also by my own body. The lyrics to "Grow" were like a list poem to myself, reminding myself that I could rise from that dark place of grief and hurt that I was feeling, and resisting my own negative voice inside myself that was telling me I couldn't heal. When I'm down or feel crushed by life, colonialism and lost relationships, my Uncle Russel will tell me "you can do this." Simple words, but they always lift me up - these lyrics were my way of channeling that care to myself.”
    Kinnie Starr said, “It’s so gorgeous and timely… growth is the opposite of collapse! Yes!! Lin Gardiner is one of my main collaborators and I will always jump at a chance to work with her. And Edzi’u is a genius.”

  • source : Apple Music
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