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  • Phil Firetog Trio & Co. Releases New Song “Cruel”

  • American alt-rock band Phil Firetog Trio & Co., consisting of Phil Firetog (vocals/guitar), Johnny 'Pots' Potocnik (drummer), Liam Gordon (Bass), Tye Granger (saxophone) and Gabriel Nekrutman (flute/clarinet/alto sax), released a new song “Cruel” on March 31, 2023.

    The song is the follow-up to “How a Heart Breaks”, which was released back in January. The track was written by Phil Firetog.
    "Cruel" explores the emotions of being in a relationship where you feel neglected and unseen by your partner. The song touches upon the themes of emotional abuse and neglect that can lead to a sinking depression.
    The song starts with the line “Well, I'm not angry anymore,” which signifies the acceptance phase of the relationship. The lyrics delve into the feeling of being tired and numb after being disregarded for so long.
    The band frontman Phil Firetog said of the song, “Through the lyrics, I wanted to highlight the facade that some people put on to hide their own struggles and emotions. The person being referred to in the song puts on a show of confidence, but their heart is heavy with sadness and pain.”
  • He continued, “The chorus of the song expresses the desire to be seen and heard by their partner, who is cruel and unkind. The lyrics show the frustration and pain of being ignored and dismissed, despite trying to be recognized for who they are.”
    He added, “ Overall, 'Cruel' is a song that explores the dark corners of the mind and the whirlwind of emotions that come with feeling neglected and unseen in a relationship. It conveys the importance of empathy and understanding in relationships and the toll that emotional abuse can take on a person.”

  • Photo by Kali Mon
  • source : Apple Music
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