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  • VÉRITÉ Releases New Album “love you forever”

  • Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kelsey Regina Byrne, aka VÉRITÉ released her third studio album “love you forever” on February 24, 2023.

    It is her first album in four years since the 2019 album “New Skin”.
    The album comprises 10-track and she worked with Matthew Politoski, Mathias Wang, Pam Autori, James Flannigan, Jonathan Dreyfus, Andy Seltzer, Sam Barsh, Begonia, Tim Randolph, and Aron Forbes.
    Also, the album is her debut both as a producer and a creative director.
    VÉRITÉ said of the album, Love You Forever is a record about learning how to let go-killing off the parts yourself that won't let you grow & cutting off the limbs that are holding you back. It's about loving someone so much you murder them and drag their body into a lake. That's the most literal interpretation of the concept and world that I've built around the album to pad the hard corners of two years sitting with my past lives while cracking myself open and learning how to be fully present and vulnerable with myself and other humans. It is my blatant searching for reciprocation and longing for a recognition that comes.”
  • She continued, “I have a lot more to say about this record, its creation and its meaning. More than a mere social post can hold. I look forward to sharing more with you both in real life, on tour and through more in depth writing. I feel like we are at the very beginning. We've just scratched the surface of the membrane. This is your invitiation to dive in.”
    She added, “I am so grateful for the people who helped bring this vision to life with me. This record is my debut both as a producer and a creative director. It wouldn't exist without the hard work and confidence of the team I built around me.”

  • VÉRITÉ explained about some tracks for the album.

    “are we done yet?”
    “'are we done yet?' is the first chapter. when you're tired of spinning yourself out relentlessly. there's a book (called immortality?) by milan kundera that talks about how our patterns of existence are predetermined by the stars and essentially, we're reliving the same themes over and over, but each time we revisit the same theme, we do so with more perspective and wisdom. are we done yet? is a place i've visited many times, and every time i spin back around to it, i'm able to see everything with new eyes.”

    “​love you forever”
    “It's rare I write from my experience this literally, but I was heartbroken and angry and felt torn between knowing the end of something is the correct thing and not wanting to let it go… the track was written on my couch fervently typing lyrics into my notes app and trying to fit words into sensible melodic phrases while crying. I didn't record a voice memo or sit down at a piano, I just walked around for a few weeks sitting in the feeling, singing and arranging it in my brain until I brought the idea into the studio and spent the day bending the tempo of the song to push and pull to mimic the tension I felt in my own body. I love capturing something raw and not overproducing it, not hiding under sheen, but exposing the intricate inner workings to truly capture a feeling.”

    “cry cry cry”
    “cry cry cry. technically the first song written for this album back in 2019. a premonition of all the tears to come…”

    “this is the anger portion of our presentation. anger towards myself for constantly drowning myself in others and anger towards others for leading me into the water. it's about cutting off whatever you need to move on. It's music that has gone beyond what I originally intended to become something of an experiment – ​​music that takes on unlimited forms and exists in different worlds, allowing the music to become a living, breathing, ever-in-flowing entity. This is the rage part of our performance.”

    “by now”
    “I wrote this song alone in a deep little depression in january 2020. i wrote it as a slow, stripped back ballad in my old studio in what feels like another lifetime & it sat in a folder for a few months until the world shut down.” She then shared how producers Tim Randolph and Aron Forbes reworked the song into its current sound. “Randomly, i sent the stems to @timrandolphe, who flipped the song, sped it up 9bpm & really transformed her. Aron Forbes & i then sat and shaped the production to live in my world. eventually, you'll get my original stripped version, but i'm so happy to share this side of myself with you.”

    Photo by Nicole Mago
  • source : Apple Music
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