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  • Lizzo Premieres New Remix of “Special” featuring SZA on BBC Radio 1

  • American singer-songwriter Lizzo premiered a new remix of “Special” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    This time, she teamed up with American singer-songwriter SZA on the track.
    The original version of the song is features on her fourth studio album of the same name, which was released last July.
    The track was written by Melissa Jefferson, Theron Thomas, Ian Kirkpatrick, Daoud Anthony, Max Martin and Andrew Wansel.
    Lizzo told Clara Amfo about the collaboration with SZA, “I mean, it almost didn't happen and I'm so glad we got the timing right on this so that it can happen because I was working on special while she was working on SOS. So she'd been wanting to be on special for a long time. Back when it was called in case somebody told you and because of the timing, we never got to collab, but it's never too late and she helped on it. So we got our girl.”
  • She continued, “I mean, everyone is such an individual and everyone has their own lane. I don't feel threatened by anybody or any artists ever because I carved out my own lane and nobody be in it and still have, like SZA is one of the most unique and special artists on the planet ever. And especially right now from her songwriting. To the way that she creates her visuals and the way she performs. She's just so raw and authentic and like a genuine talent. So I share space with her all the time.”
    Also, Lizzo wrote about SZA on TIME 100 essay, “The authenticity in her craft—the way she's able to tell her story and the way she uses melody—is extraordinary. No one can replicate that. When she's onstage, she's timeless. She's someone who's the real deal, and I think that she's well on her way to being regarded as one of the greatest songwriters and singers of all time. All she needs is that pen and that voice and her story, and she's going to be with us for a long time.”

  • She told Apple Music about the original version, “After 'Rumors,' I received a lot of backlash. I think it was because people hadn't heard from me since Cuz I Love You and this was their opportunity to attack me because I was visible, you know? But I turn my pain into music. I turn my pain into profit. I make it work for me. So I went into the studio to write a song for myself that would remind me how special I am. In the second verse, I say, 'Could you imagine a world where everybody's the same? And you could cancel a girl 'cause she just wanted to change? How could you throw fucking stones if you ain't been through her pain? That's why we feel so alone, that's why we feel so much shame.' I was trying to flip the mirror on people, that same mirror that I check myself with. It's me saying, 'You attack people like they're the monster, but you've become the monster.' No one's giving anyone the space to be themselves, to show their specialness, and to grow.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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