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  • Cheat Codes Releases New Album “One Night in Nashville”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based DJ trio Cheat Codes, consisting of Kevin Ford, Trevor Dahl and Matthew Russell, released the fourth studio album “One Night in Nashville” on January 27, 2023.

    The album comprises 15-track, including one remix, working with country music artists from Adam Doleac, Brett Young, Dolly Parton, Jimmie Allen, Lady A, MacKenzie Porter, Maddie & Tae, Matt Stell, Mitchell Tenpenny, Nate Smith, Russell Dickerson, Lee Brice, Lindsay Ell, Little Big Town, Bryn Christopher, Russell Dickerson and Dixie.
    Cheat Codes shared on social media, “we've put so much love into this project. when we started cheat codes 8 years ago, we would've never guessed we'd make this album but you've all been so cool about always allowing us to be ourselves, experiment, and to grow as artists. we've been fortunate enough to work with artists from all different genres, but there was something sooo refreshing about working in the country world. everyone was so insanely friendly, genuine, and talented.”
    The trio continued, “as a group, we have always strived to push the boundaries of our genre and this album challenged us in ways we haven't experienced before, but we're so so proud of how it came out. there is something so special about how these artists tell their stories through their music and it's been such a pleasure bringing these songs to life.”
  • Trevor Dahl said, "I've always loved country music. I've always loved the way they write songs as storytelling, and it's so different than any other kind of genre. It's so picturesque, and you can really imagine what's happening in every song. It's just unique in that way.”
    When the band made their third studio album, they sent one track to Little Big Town. After the track was returned with rich the vocals, the trio went to Nashville.
    Matthew Russell said, “That's kind of where we came up with 'One Night in Nashville,' because I think it just converted our mentality. Once you see country music, if you don't understand the lifestyle of it, I feel like you don't understand the full picture and scope of the music. These songs are so cool, and they strike a level of emotion that is different from other genres of music.”
    He continued, “It's just a small world and you work with one artist and you're like, 'Hey, what about this record? What about that record?' And then, things just start being sent back and forth, and before you know it, you're like, "Oh, we have 15 demos. Cool. Let's make it an album.'”

  • Cheat Codes explained of some tracks for the album.

    “I Remember” with Russell Dickerson
    “Working with Russell Dickerson was like that first sip of an ice cold beer as the suns going down. Jesse Frasure and Russell set the stage perfectly, the second they sent over the chorus we fell in love and knew exactly what we needed to bring this to life.”
    Russell Dickerson said, “Jesse Frasure sent me this song and as soon as I heard the chorus I was in. I got together with the writers to finish it and it came together perfectly. Then enter Cheat Codes and these dudes took it to the moon.”

    “One Night Left” with MacKenzie Porter
    “MacKenzie had written the idea and we really wanted to try blending it with Trevor's vocals for more of a call and response feel. Getting to add two different perspectives to the idea of what our 'One Night Left' would be like really rounded out the song, and the combination of Trevor's and MacKenzie's vocals sound so good together.”
    MacKenzie Porter said, “I couldn't wait for this song to drop! We wrote it at my friend's lake house over a year ago and I knew it was special then. I am such a fan of Cheat Codes; the guys are so talented and also just the kindest dudes. It's been so much fun collaborating with them and I'm so excited for everyone to hear it.”

    “How Do You Love” with Lee Brice & Lindsay Ell
    We flew down to Chicago with Lindsay Ell and surprised Lee Brice at one of his shows, which eventually became the official music video for the single. Lee Brice is a staple in the country community and knows how to make a heart swell so we couldn't think of a better friend to take on the duet alongside Lindsay Ell. We hope you love this song as much as we did making it for you. The song has a special feeling of love and is something that's relatable to everyone. Sometimes you're head over heels and sometimes that special someone is right under your nose but you never realized why – what we've learned to understand is, love takes time and we hoped to capture that feeling with 'How Do You Love'.”

    “Bets On Us” with Dolly Parton
    “[When] we started this project and we were diving in on what we wanted to do, we had a list of names of people that we would love to work with, and Dolly was at the very top of that list. She's the queen of country. And for her to give her stamp of approval on this song and also just being a part of the album is a huge, huge compliment from her. It really means a lot. And it's a crazy situation: as a kid, I would've never pictured us having a song with somebody as epic as her.”

    “Never Love You Again” with Little Big Town & Bryn Christopher
    “We had set out to make a dance song and the vocals were so right it just made sense. We didn't know if anyone would want to do this with electronic artists but we found that they were just as keen to work with us as we were to work with them and that comfort set the tone for the type of album we wanted to make and who we wanted to work with moving forward.”

    “Lose You” with Jimmie Allen
    “We had been following Jimmie for a while and love that he's not afraid to be himself. He has such a rock star style and sound, but he's one of the most down-to-earth guys.”
    Jimmie Allen said, “I've been a fan of Cheat Codes for a while. They did a song with my friends Lee Brice and Lindsay Ell, and the co-writers of 'Lose You' are friends of mine – Nick Bailey and Levon Grey. Man, I get to work with Cheat Codes and do a song written by two of my friends? I'm all about it! We're just glad for the song to be out for the world to hear it.”
  • source : Apple Music
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