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  • New Friends Releases New Song “Ricochet”

  • Canadian indie-pop band New Friends, consisting of Stefan Boulineau (vocals), Cole Wilson (guitar), Ayden Miller (keyboard) and Conrad Galecki (bass), released a new song “Ricochet” along with a music video on November 25, 2022.

    The song is the third single off of their upcoming EP “Camaro”, following “Doomed” and “Waste My Time”.
    It was written by Steven Mollela, Ayden Miller, Cassandra Dasilva, and Liz Rodrigues. Produced by Steve Mollela.
    The accompanying video was directed by Connor Scheffler.
    “'Ricochet' is taken from our upcoming EP, Camaro, which is more honest and vulnerable than anything we've ever made before,” New Friends said of the song. “A couple years after a relationship ends, it can seem like a great idea to get back together, especially when you've had a hard time letting go of this person.”
    The band continued, “Our new song 'Ricochet,' describes what it feels like to surrender to the control of a past lover. Moving on from something that inevitably won't work can be very difficult. 'Ricochet' captures the feeling of constantly bouncing around emotionally trying to understand what this person really wants and why they have such a hold on you.”
    They added, “'If beggin' for it's crazy, I'm insane.' This line from the song is just brutally honest. The fact that you're making yourself go insane for someone's attention is a pretty clear sign to reevaluate your situation.”
  • The EP comprises 7-track and is expected to be released in 2023.
    The band explained of three singles and the EP, “In February 2022 we spent a month in Los Angeles working on new music, performing, shooting videos, and attempting to draw out a blueprint for our next project. Our first EP 'The Pilot' had just released and we really had no clue what the next phase of our band work look like. While in LA, we received a phone call from manager Rob about an opportunity that would go on to shape what is now known as out 'Camaro Era'. In March of this year we attended a writing camp in Toronto and had the chance to work alongside some of the most talented and passionate individuals in the industry.”

  • They continued, “As a band who had never truly collaborated with other writers and producers, this was at the time a little out of our comfort zone. We were excited but extremely nervous. There were three writing rooms set up at the camp which were each made up of different producers and writers. The 4 of us in the band swapped rooms each day and tried working with different creatives on several songs. The 3 day experience was built on positive energy, trust and teamwork within the groups. We had just met most of these people for the first time yet felt so ourselves and as home in the space we created at the studio. At the end of each session, we'd share what we had with the entire group. That week would ultimately bring us the first 3 singles of our new record, 'Camaro'. 'Doomed' a Y2K party banger, 'Waste My Time' a hook filled pop bop, and of course our latest addition to the mix, 'Ricochet' our high octane tock anthem.”

    They added, “This record rollout has got off to such an incredible start. We've honestly been left speechless with every release. Seeing how much you guys are enjoying the songs is so special to us. It's been a blast playing them live and hearing you sing the words too. Thank you for listening and being a part of the ride. We really can't express how much you all mean to us. With that being said, this wouldn't be possible without the amazing team of people behind us that have helped shape this project. While we appreciate all the love guys have given the band, let's take this time to celebrate every one who has been involved creatively on this project and those behind the scenes who don't get enough love <3 We are so grateful for every single person who's been there for us on this journey.”
  • source : Apple Music
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