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  • Sam Casey Releases New Song “Good Fight”

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Sam Casey released a new song “Good Fight” along with a music video on November 4, 2022.
    She wrote the song with Laurel Clouston and producer Mike Schlosser.
    The song was born out of a conversation between Sam and her co-writer, indie pop artist Laur Elle. They were having a casual discussion about the abundance of female musicians, yet the polarizing lack of females that were in positions of power, as well as the pressure to "look" like an artist rather than just be an artist.
    Sam Casey explained of the song, “'Good Fight' illustrates my personal experience with anxiety, specifically since beginning my musical career. The uncertainty and lack of control I have become accustomed to as a musician has forced me to become a more patient being, however it has also taken its toll on my mental health.”
    She continued, “'Co-writer Laur Elle and I were discussing the abundance of female musicians and the polarizing lack of females we had seen in management positions, as well as the pressure to "look" like an artist rather than just be an artist. In order to be at peace in this career, you have to accept that you will never know what is going to happen next. I know who I am now and I am sure of my message. That is all I can control and the rest I must let the universe handle.”
  • The accompanying video was directed by Agata Waclawska.
    She said of the video, “The filming for this video was the most amazing visually creative experience, with Alex Exists as cinematographer, Agata Waclawska directing, Moon Real Media producing, and Larissa Palaszczuk on hair and makeup. We went with the "ideal beauty standard" of the current people in power in the entertainment industry, which is mainly older men who would have grown up with the classic Hollywood bombshells such as Marilyn Monroe being their idea of beauty.”
    She added, “The days that I feel like folding into myself like a piece of paper, and my personality, confidence, and pride feel like they are being torn into pieces – this song is about those days. 'Good Fight' is my little inner anthem. I believe the feeling of defeat is universal. All you can do is give it your best go, put up a good fight, and let the pieces fall where they may.”

  • She shared on social media, “Good Fight elicits a contrast of emotions. The song depicts the daily struggle of uncertainty in one’s life and mirrors my (at times difficult) journey through the music industry. The song also illustrates a part of me that won’t let these bouts of mental illness derail me. As long as the song and video makes people feel something, then I am happy. What they feel will be dependent on their own life experiences. I am eager to hear how this song hits different listeners!”

    Photo by Steph Montani
  • source : Apple Music
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