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  • FLETCHER Releases New Song “Suckerpunch”

  • Back in September, American singer-songwriter FLETCHER released her debut album “Girl Of My Dreams”.

    On November 4th, she announced a deluxe edition of the debut album and unveiled a new song “Suckerpunch” from the deluxe album.
    FLETCHER shared on social media, “halfway through the Girl Of My Dreams tour so i decided to announce a deluxe album and drop a new song called 'suckerpunch'”
    Also she teased the song on TikTok in October.
    The track was written by Cari Fletcher, Riley McDonough, Connor McDonough, and Lowell Boland. Produced by Connor McDonough.
    The deluxe edition of “Girl Of My Dreams” is set to be released on November 18, 2022.
    “'Suckerpunch', I was a song was actually written and recorded a while ago but it was something that I really wanted to save for the deluxe version of my album,” FLETCHER told BBC Radio 1. “And because it feels like it really just kind of like wraps up the story of my debut album 'Girl of My Dreams' and it's just about like, love can be such a visceral emotion.”
    She continued, “And it's such like it's a feeling that like knocks the wind out of you that kind of beats you up whether you're like falling for somebody for the first time or you are just getting out of a situation. it's just such like a real visceral emotion and it was like a very specific breakup that kind of inspired me to go on this journey that ended up unfolding into like 'Girl of My Dreams' and my entire album.”
    The album comprises 17-track, including the previous 13-track, the 2021 single “Healing”, “20 Something” from dream edition and two new songs.
  • “Girl of My Dreams” Deluxe Edition Track List:
    1. “20 Something”
    2. “I Think I'm Growing?”
    3. “Girl of My Dreams”
    4. “Healing”
    5. “Suckerpunch”
    6. “Birthday Girl”
    7. “Better Version”
    8. “Sting”
    9. “Becky's So Hot”
    10. “Conversations”
    11. “Guess We Lied...”
    12. “Serial Heartbreaker”
    13. “Holiday”
    14. “Her Body Is Bible”
    15. “I Love You, Bitch”
    16. “For Cari”
    17. “Untitled”
  • source : Spotify
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