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  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter LESS KILLJOY released her third single called “SAD GIRL SUBURBIA” along with a music video on October 28, 2022.
    The song will appear on her upcoming debut EP “Pink Grenade”, which is set to be released on December 2, 2022.
    It was written by Benjamin Thomas and LESS KILLJOY.
    LESS KILLJOY said of the song, “I wrote SAD GIRL SUBURBIA about feeling trapped in my surroundings. I grew up in a place where I was an outcast. That feeling follows me everywhere but recently I'm realizing that feeling that way is of my own volition. It's my choice to let people into my head. Writing the Pink Grenade EP, which comes out December 2nd (F*CK YA), was a real life lesson and taught me that not only am I allowed to be the person I wanna be, but it was wrong for people to expect me to tolerate them and the boundaries they set for me. Music has always been a method of healing and self preservation.”
  • She continued, “People made growing up harder than it needed to be. I realized that it was everyone else's insecurities, fears and shortcomings that they were projecting on me. I'm done explaining myself to people who don't want to understand me. The right people are in my life, and the toxic ones that did nothing but cause me pain are long gone. Good riddance.”
  • source : Apple Music
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