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  • Cat Burns Releases Two New Songs “people pleaser” & “sleep at night”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Cat Burns released two new songs “people pleaser” and “sleep at night”.

    Tow songs are her first music since the EP “emotionally unavailable”, which was released back in May.
    “people pleaser” was written by Cat Burns, Gezo and Jordan Rile. Produced by Jordan Riley and Stuart Price.
    “sleep at night” was written by Cat Burns, Violet Skies and RISC. Produced by RISC.
    Cat Burns said of the songs, “'people pleaser' is what it says on the tin, my struggles with being a people pleaser and why I am one. 'sleep at night' is a really personal song for me; it's about being deeply hurt and wronged by someone but deciding to take the high road and not say anything bad about them because you're a good person.”
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    Cat Burns shared on social media, “I wrote sleep at night w Violet Skies & RISC and they made it such a safe space for me to just word vomit about someone who really hurt me and turned it into a song! I wrote people pleaser w Gezo & Jordan Rileys and i remember just coming into the session being like guys I wanna write a song about being a people pleaser🤣 and we did exactly that!”
    She continued, “i wrote 'sleep at night' about something really close to me, I wish I could say a million things to this person and all the hurt they caused me but know that's never gonna happen, because I could never reciprocate the same energy, I wasn't raised that way and my focus since has just been healing internally. to anyone else who's been massively hurt by someone this song is for you. clean hearts always win.”
  • source : Apple Music
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