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  • Mura Masa Releases New Album “demon time”: Streaming

  • British electronic music producer Alexander Crossan, aka Mura Masa released his third studio album “demon time” on September 16, 2022.
    It is his first album in two years since the 2020 album “R.Y.C”.
    After the COVID-19 pandemic, he started the project with the title "fun". He told The Face, “Normally, when I'm coming up with what the hell an album is meant to be about, I write myself a big brief document. It's a lot of mood boarding, references... But this time I just wrote the word ​'fun' in lower case at the top of a word doc. hat was the constant question when I was thinking about what music to make or who to work with: is it fun? Does it serve the purpose of being... mischievous? I just let that guide me towards what you hear.”
    And he thought people would need vicarious, escapist music. He said, “So that's where this demon time idea came from – how do we soundtrack the 1am to 5am period where you start doing stupid shit that you don't regret but wouldn't do again when it emerges again post-lockdown?”
    Then, the album was named “demon time” for those early morning hours at a party where a delivish yet innocent sense of mischief prevails.
    The album comprises 11-track, produced by Mura Masa.
  • He worked with BAYLI, Lil Uzi Vert, PinkPantheress, Shygirl, Tohji, Midas the Jagaban, slowthai, LEILAH, Channel Tres, Shygirl, Pa Salieu, Skillibeng, Isabella Lovestory, and Erika de Casier on the album.

    Some artists said of the collaboration with Mura Masa via The Face.

    “I've been blasting to Mura Masa ever since I was in sixth form when I was in charge of the speaker in the common room. I also once signed up for one of his lectures when I was growing up, so Alex asking me to be on the album really was an incredible full circle moment.
    Alex has a thing where he likes to hang out on the first session to get a feel for each other's energy and it totally helped us in the long run, because now there's no element of making music with him that feels like work. He can incorporate any inspirations you give him into his music.
    I think what works well between me and Alex is our cultural similarities – we were both emos in our younger days. So things like little flairs to lyrics or a particular niche drum pattern is something that we can decipher together, because we both truly get where the other person is coming from contextually.”

    “I felt blessed [to work with him on the album]. Alex is my brother, my family. Every time we link up it's banging. We just chill and it's always beautiful ​'cause we have so much to share with each other. Never a dull moment, more just realising that we never make bad song together. He brings out the best in people and has a good ear. I have faith in his decisions and trust his process. I dunno ​'bout anyone else, but we just have fun and that makes it more special. [It's about] the memories we have making [the songs] and how funny it was to make ​'em.”

    “Getting in the studio with Alex is a masterclass. He introduces me to new videos he's been watching during the week and it just sets the vibe for an inspirational session, the most recent being ​'Every F‑word in Slipknot's self-titled album in three minutes'. When it comes to what works and what doesn't, we save a lot of time in sessions by not overthinking, because he encourages you to trust yourself and keep the focus on just being in the moment of what feels good.”

    Gretel Hänlyn
    “I think everyone admires Alex's taste in who he collaborates with, so being asked was really flattering. He messaged me out of the blue one afternoon asking if I was about to record the vocals for this demo I'd heard of his, [for the demon time track] 2gether. Alex is very instinctual when making music decisions. It's like they aren't really creative decisions but obvious answers to him. That can make it a little daunting to really new artists like me, but it's so impressive. Also, he knows where each person's strengths lie and will happily just leave you to do what you're good at.”

    “Alex has impeccable taste and a good sense of how to bring out the best in people. It's nice being able to trust in that. I always end up using Alex's studio like a confessional and he kindly absolves me of my sins. [Making the tracks] I felt super free in bouncing ideas back and forth, but I also love his attention to detail. I'm more inclined to be rough around the edges and a little raw, but I love how I sound working with Alex. He's pretty persuasive when he has a vision in mind. It's been interesting leaning into the potential someone else sees in you.”

  • Photo by Lillie Eiger
  • source : Apple Music
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