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  • Taylor Grey Releases New Album “Twilight Hour”: Streaming

  • American alt-pop singer-songwriter Taylor Grey released her sophomore album “Twilight Hour” on September 9, 2022.

    It is her first album in five years since the 2017 debut album “Space Case”.
    The album comprises 10-track, including preceding singles “Idiot” and “Ever Knew Me”.
    All songs were written by Taylor Grey and Mark Siegel. Produced by Mark Siegel.
    Every song on the album tells a different story, and grappling with those harsh emotions while trying to move forward.
    Taylor Grey told XS Noize, “I used to have a really hard time writing about difficult experiences I'd had, so I relied on love songs even though I had never been in love. But with this record, I was able to dig deep and tell my story.”
    She made the album during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's been 2 years in the making.
  • Taylor Grey shared on social media, “There've been times in my life when I had a story to tell but didn't have the words to write it. It was too raw, I was too immersed in it to be able to create art. When I was writing this record during the height of the pandemic, I went back to those times for inspiration and I found that now I do have the words. And I feel so grateful that I get to share my experiences and tell my story now. Every song on the album has it's own narrative, and I hope that it resonates with you in some way.”
    She continued, “This record means so much to me. It is an anthology of my life, an accumulation of stories from the past decade. I've spent months writing, re-writing, and recording this record and now it's officially yours. These songs are so deeply personal to me and I am so honored that they can find a new home and new meaning within your own interpretation.”

  • Taylor Grey explained of some tracks for the album.

    Taylor Grey “Ever Knew Me”
    “When a relationship comes to its natural end, I get scared that the person will hate me, so much so that I end up pulling away and being unable to say anything substantial at all. The track references musical elements from the 70s and 80s, which create an energetic pop rock backdrop to this more nostalgic storyline in my life, and I am sure the lives of many others who experience social anxiety like myself."

    Taylor Grey “Idiot”
    “Idiot is about leaving a relationship and that person in turn gaslighting you and weaponizing your past - especially your mental health - against you; insisting that you would be crazy to leave, that no one else could love you. This song basically says, 'Okay, I would rather be every single name you call me than be with you.' If it's 'stupid' to leave you, I guess I'm just an idiot, was my take.”

    Photo by Ally Gillam
  • source : Apple Music
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