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  • Davey Horne Returns With Two New Songs “Welcome to the Future” & “Diego & Maria”

  • Scottish singer-songwriter Davey Horne returned with two new songs “Welcome to the Future” & “Diego & Maria” on August 15, 2022.

    The songs are his first music in two years since the 2020 self-titled debut album.
    Both tracks were written by Davey Horne, who recorded them at at Tpot Studios in Perthshire Scotland.
    “Welcome to the Future” is a song ultimately about escapism.
    Davey Horne explained, “In life we have our ups and downs and in the last few years I’ve had plenty - at times I definitely was going crazy…. This song is all about trying to take my mind somewhere else. Take the listener and me to a whole other world. I make references to myself in the song but really it is about living life right now and what the future holds. The last lyric ‘the people you love will always come back and grab you when you feel the strain, oh how I want you anyway’. Life can be strenuous but I love being alive.”
    “Diego & Maria” is a tale of two outlaw bounty hunters journeying across the American midwest.
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  • Photo by Stewart Fullerton
    Background photo by BeeZom Productions
  • source : Apple Music
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