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  • Friction Premieres New Song “Remember” featuring Poppy Baskcomb on BBC Radio 1

  • British DJ Friction announced his sophomore album “After Dark” would be released in September, 2022.

    It is his first album in four years since the 2018 debut album “Connections”.
    From the album, he premiered a new song “Remember” featuring London-based singer-songwriter Poppy Baskcomb on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Jack Saunders.
    It was written by Friction, Edward Keeley, Poppy Baskcomb, Paul Harris and Luke Fitton.
    Friction told Jack Saunders about the song, “This was actually one of the first times that I'd worked with Poppy Baskcomb who's writing some amazing records at the moment. And basically, it was like in the peak of lockdown. So no one was allowed outside kind of, I think, at the time was barely allowed to travel up to London to the studio. So the whole kind of song was written about remembering what it was like to go out, because that was basically what it is. We weren't allowed anywhere. It was like, you know, she basically we kind of had the idea she wrote it and here we are.”
  • He continued, “It was more of that feeling of like, getting ready to go out, like enjoying the moment with the music, because you remember how bad it was in lockdown. It was like she remember what it's like when used to be actually go out. It was like so the song was kind of written from those feelings. And that's what I tried to do with the whole album really, it's kind of all spoiling from experiences of going out and having those emotions or the different type of emotions that you get from going out on a night out whether it be kind of sitting there at three o'clock in the morning thinking I love life or just getting ready to go out and meet all your mates and just trying to kind of focus on that really.”

    He said of the album, “I mean, the whole kind of this albums probably about three and a half years in the making. It's basically been like the bane of my life like for however long now. And I kind of wanted to have a concept. I wanted to have an idea, which is where the whole kind of after dark concept came from, because I think there's a lot of music that comes out now that just comes out. And people don't necessarily have a real story behind it. And I just wanted to sort of create something that had that story and had that bring out all those feelings, all the tracks on there are based from feelings you have what's going out.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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