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  • Golden Features Returns With New Song “Touch” featuring Rromarin

  • Australian DJ Thomas George Stell, aka Golden Features is back with a new song “Touch”.
    It is his first music in two years since the 2020 collaborative album “BRONSON” with Odesza.
    This time, he teamed up with Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Rromarin on the track.
    The track was written by Thomas George Stell, Claire Rosemary Sarah Rayner and Julian Hamilton. Produced by Thomas George Stell and Julian Hamilton.
    Thomas George Stell said of the song, “Touch was born from that synth riff. I fought it for so long, feeling it was too happy and upbeat. After giving it some space I reharmonized everything under the riff and it instantly made me feel something. Claire (Rromarin) had actually recorded these vocals for another song on the record, but the lyrics just felt right for Touch. To me it encapsulates that feeling after the rave… At the kick-on laying with your head in somebody's lap, smoking a cigarette while they play with your hair.”
  • He shared on social media, “This next single and everything that will follow feel different to me, like I've truly let go in a way I haven't since my first EP. It was easier back then when I was convinced nobody would listen but as time passed and the project grew I put expectations on what my music had to sound like. That mindset led me to a massive creative burnout though which I fell completely out of love with electronic music.”
    He continued, “I wanted to remember what it felt like when I first started going out, so at the end of 2019 I said fuck it and packed my bags for Berlin. I went raving every other night, praying I'd get in so I could dance to music I'd never heard played by DJ's I didn't know. It was a completely surreal experience that set me on fire and I left more in love with electronic music than ever.”
    He added, “I'm telling you this because for the first time in years I feel like this music is an exact reflection of who I am and not of the person I want you to think I am. I made myself a promise to follow my gut and I truly can't wait to show you.”
  • source : Apple Music
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