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  • PLASMAS Releases New Song “See It Through”

  • Scottish alt-pop band PLASMAS, consisting of Ross McQueen (vocals, rhythm guitar), Conor McBay (lead guitar, vocals), Rory Strathie (synth), James Swan (bass) and Sam Walker (drums), released a new song “See It Through” on July 6, 2022.
    The song will appear on their upcoming debut EP, which is expected to be released later this year.
    It was written by Ross McQueen, Conor McBay, Sam Walker, Rory Strathie, and James Swan. Produced by Guy Galactic.
    “I wrote this one in summer last year, on a belter of a summer’s day where I probably should’ve been outside but instead was sat in my room hopelessly writing,” Ross McQueen said of the song. “I had become obsessed with the idea of writing a song that could be the soundtrack for a ‘90s American sit-com, or a coming-of-age film. Something like “Crash” by The Primitives or “99 Red Balloons”. Something cheesy andtongue-in-cheek but laced with just enough charm and self-awareness to get away with it. After many failed attempts and at the point of giving up, with a spirit of almost being past caring came the opening guitar melody and everything followed seamlessly after that.”
  • He continued, “This song just feels like a celebration of saying, “F**k it, why not?”. It’s a breakup song, but not in the ‘I want you back’ kind of way. It’s more about when you’ve both moved on and are happier, but you just have that feeling in the back of your mind, ‘Hey, what if we gave it another go?’. Obviously that’s a terrible idea most of the time, but I’m sure everyone’s felt that way before. It’s hard letting go sometimes even when you know you’re in a better place.”

  • Photo by Rohan Strathie
  • source : Apple Music
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