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  • MOTHICA Releases New Album “Nocturnal”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter McKenzie Ellis, aka MOTHICA released her sophomore album “Nocturnal” on July 1, 2022 via Heavy Heart Records.

    It is her first project in two years since the 2020 debut album “Blue Hour”.
    The album comprises 17-track, featuring guest appearances from Au/Ra and POLYPHIA.
    While her self-released debut record was inspired by the sky's final moments before complete darkness, the new album descends into nighttime, reflecting on her strange relationship with sleep. The album evokes the imagery and feeling of the late-night hours and follows an ethereal narrative that explores the darker aspects of her mind. The album's interludes are voiced by a live-action moth character designed by Mothica herself. The album was written and recorded over the course of 2021 with various producers and collaborators, including Colin Brittain who helmed the previously released single “CASUALTY.”
    All of them are narrated by a fictional character created by the singer herself dividing the album's story in four parts.
    MOTHICA said, “A lot of the songs touch on darkness and being self-destructive. 'Blue Hour' was a transitional moment where I got sober. I was more of an emotional wreck, trying to figure out my life. This is me fully planted, making a very visual album that has a complete concept behind it. With this album, I wanted to feel more empowered.”
    “I wanted to make the most aggressive and danceable song about being an introvert and highly sensitive person. I was inspired [for the video] to do prosthetic makeup like a blowfish, you know, who puffs up when they feel threatened. That's how I feel most of the time.”

    “On the way to the studio, I was thinking about how many things in my life were set up to destroy me. Like, alcoholism and depression that runs in my family. I suffer from both, and I really hate the idea of either of these things being the reason I give up on life. This song isn't your typical Mothica song, and that's why I wanted to lead the album with it. Nocturnal is the album I got to experiment with a bunch of genres, invoking the music I grew up on with my own twist. “Casualty” is a promise to not die by suicide or drug overdose, which was a very real trajectory for me in the past. It's one of those songs that just sets my soul on fire in the best way.”

    “LAST CIGARETTE” featuring Au/Ra
    “I wrote 'Last Cigarette' about someone I met who reminded me of myself in a toxic way. We shared a lot of pessimistic tendencies, and it reminded me of trying to quit cigarettes, something that we all know is bad for you, but there's still this allure to be caught in a negative cycle.”

    “bedtime stories is a love song in disguise. i wanted to write a song about unlearning my own vision of relationships after getting into a very wonderful and healthy relationship, and how these old “monsters” crept up and my mission to not sabotage a good thing when you find it. made with the legends LOLO & HARRY WAS HERE“

    “blood is one of my favorite songs, mostly because i really just see the twilight movie on repeat. before my relationship, i noticed i was being toxic towards people, and it's like this learned behavior from being in manipulative dynamics that seeped into my dating life. you know, you can't be a vampire unless one bites you…. we started talking about true blood with [Theo and the Climb] and [James Quick] and brought on [Drew Polovick] when i wanted it to go somewhere heavier. who doesn't love a lap steel guitar into a chuggy sludge chorus???”

  • Photo by Lissyelle Laricchia
  • source : Apple Music
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