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  • Cat Burns Releases New EP “emotionally unavailable”: Streaming

  • London-based singer-songwriter Cat Burns released her new EP “emotionally unavailable” on May 20, 2022.
    It is her first project in three years since the 2019 EP “Naive”.
    The EP comprises 6-track, produced by Aston Rudi, George Moore, JonahPH, Jordan Riley, Mojam, RISC and SS. Written by Aston Rudi, Cat Burns, Eyelar, George Moore, George Morgan, Graeme Baldwin, Jin Jin, Jordan Riley, Mojam, RISC, Sam Fischer, Sam Posener and SS.
    In the EP, Cat Burns tlaked her personal story, featuring her struggles with anxiety, a wide range of stuff, having conversations with herself, asking if she's able to do things without being anxious sometimes, and her mental health.
    Cat Burns said of the EP in a statement, “I wanted to create a personal yet relatable EP where I express the different ways you can be 'emotionally unavailable' in this generation.”
    Also, she shared on social media, “i cannot believe it, thank you all for the constant support. i've always loved pop music, but specifically i've always loved making music that makes you feel something. I wanna talk about things you wouldn't normally hear spoken about. i will continue to be vulnerable and honest, and i will continue to tell the stories of the unheard.”
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    Cat Burns told DORK about track-by-track for the EP.

    “'go' is about a breakup a close friend of mine went through a couple of years ago. The song is about being betrayed and finally finding out that the person who should love you the most breaks your trust and completely ruins the relationship. It's not a mean or ill-wishing song; it's a song about realisation but also disbelief at the same time.”

    “learnt to love goodbyes”
    “'learnt to love goodbyes' is about having commitment and abandonment issues. It's about anticipating people in your life leaving you because that's all that you're used to, even if the person hasn't shown that they would also do the same.”

    “'anxiety' is about having the desire to present and be who you've always wanted to be but feeling like you can't because of your anxiety. It's about talking to yourself, asking whether you can start living your life without anxiety, living in your room and in your bed, and be more like roommates. Anxiety stops us from doing most things in our life, and for a lot of people, almost shapes their perceived personality. It's super hard when you know what you're really like but feel a mental block when it comes to showing it.”

  • “ghosting”
    “'ghosting' is about taking a mental health break. I'm a massive introvert and need to recharge alone after being social in any way possible. It's a song to let your friends know that you're not ghosting them on purpose, you're just going through things, and you would rather do that alone than with people.”

    “we're not kids anymore”
    “'we're not kids anymore' is about friendship breakups. The song is about having those close friends you've grown up with when you were younger. Then life soon happens, and the friendship has changed its course, and you've gone on your own separate journeys, and nothing is the same as it was. It's a sombre song and hopefully a song you can listen to when you wanna relive the friendship that once was in your mind.”

    “emotionally unavailable”
    “'emotionally unavailable' sums up the whole EP; it talks about how emotionally unavailable the generation is, how much choice we have in terms of dating apps etc. but also how we all want love and connection and would love to meet someone. It's the perfect way to end the project as it sounds dramatic and lyrically shows that moving forward, I'm becoming more emotionally available!”

    Photo by Adama Jalloh
  • source : Apple Music
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