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  • MATT TAYLOR Releases New EP “April 13th”: Streaming

  • Irish singer-songwriter MATT TAYLOR released a new EP “April 13th” on May 18, 2022.
    It is his first project in two years since the 2020 EP “The Breath Within Your Chest”.
    The EP comprises 6-track, produced by Matt Taylor, JOMO KRU and Hugh Reilly-Smith. Written by Matt Taylor and Hugh Reilly-Smith.
    “The EP is a reflection on a difficult situation, where the both of us could have dealt with things better but we didn't, and how can I learn from that," Matt Taylor told Variance about the EP. “How I felt influenced the tracks lyrically, but also sonically. 'Godspeed' had to be sexy, 'Passive' had to be angry, & 'NMWIS' had to be sad.”
    He continued, “To be honest, I was surprised that I had so much to write about what—in hindsight—was a pretty small situation, but I think it's because each of the songs represents more of an repeated pattern I can get myself into when it comes to trusting other people. That's why it means so much to me, I really think I can learn from it.”
  • Matt Taylor explained of some tracks for the EP.

    ”Godspeed was a big step forward for me with my production. I use songwriting to try and understand a situation that I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around. I wanted to try and capture that feeling I get just before I allow myself to fall for someone, cos you kind of just have to roll with it without knowing whether it's even gonna work. A lot of Godspeed was written in late July & early August. I think it was just after clubs & social gathering had just started to open up and I know I was feeling very overwhelmed. In the weeks leading up to it I felt very distanced & pushed away from a friend I caught feelings for, but I also felt a disconnect from myself. Realising this link is what prompted me to write Godspeed. I didn't want anything serious with anyone, but that conflicted massively with how I felt about him. What I learned from this whole situation is that you can't truly let someone in until you know yourself what you are & what you want, and in that time neither of us knew”

    “No Matter What I Say”
    “I was getting frustrated with myself, I would replay situations over in my head trying to think what would have changed if I had acted differently in situations. I just wanted a song that I didn't have to worry about sounding 'cool' or 'empowering.' I wanted a moment where I could allow myself to be a bit pathetic.”

  • “April 13th”
    “I knew where the conversation was ultimately going to go, but I was kind of shocked by how dismissive he was of it all, it was so confusing to me that everything was changing, from why it had all happened in the first place to why he even spent time with me. What hurt the most was when he told me that the only reason he had been spending so much time with me was because he had nothing better to do. It hurt so much because it's so cowardly. He couldn't even take responsibility for the choices he made. After this conversation, I cut him out entirely and I wrote the track about three weeks later.”

    “End Like This”
    “End Like This”, the focal track, comes as a euphoric up-tempo moment, born from the relief of gaining closure and facing forwards. Sharing a little more, “I had just come back from my month away when I wrote it, and had decided just before I got back that I would ask to meet. We agreed to meet on a Saturday and I wrote half of 'End Like This' before we met, and the other half, after. I know the chat was basically doomed from the start, so I wanted to prepare myself and make it easier! If I knew it was going to end, I might as well make it fun.”
  • source : Apple Music
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