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  • Sigrid Performs “Bad Life” & “A Driver Saved My Night” on VEVO

  • Last week, Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid's sophomore album “How To Let Go” was released for the first time in three years.

    She appeared on VEVO live series “Vevo Studio Performance” to perform “Bad Life” and “A Driver Saved My Night” from the album.
    “Bad Life” is the collaborative song with British rock band Bring Me the Horizon. The band frontman Oliver Sykes and keyboard player Jordan Fish co-wrote the song, as well as Oliver Sykes performed as vocals.
    Sigrid said of the song, “I'm a big Bring Me the Horizon fan. When I was at Reading Festival in 2021, [the band's keyboardist] Jordan Fish came up to me and said, 'Hey, I love your music.' And I was freaking out—like, how do they know my music? We chatted a bit, and he said we should go into the studio some time. Then I got in my tour bus to go to Leeds Festival, and he sent me the demo of 'Bad Life.' I played it to my band, and we were all like, 'This is really good.' So, I went into the studio with Jordan and Ollie [Sykes, the band's singer] a few weeks later, and we changed some bits and bobs, and I wrote some new lyrics for my verse. But the first time I realized Bring Me the Horizon was an unlikely match [for me] was when I walked into that studio and the technician said, 'Woah, you were the last person I was expecting to see in this session!'”
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    • 3tRElsUBW-o

    “A Driver Saved My Night” is the 8th track of the album.
    She said, “This is a fun song. It's about being stuck in traffic somewhere, usually in London on the M25 [highway], and feeling a bit tired and homesick and 'ugh' about things. But then, a song you really like comes on the radio and you ask the driver to turn it up, please. And even though you don't know each other, you're both listening and nodding along and thinking, 'Great song!' I just love how music can instantly lift your spirits, so this song is really an homage to those moments.”

  • source : YouTube
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