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  • Ingrid Andress Releases New Song “Good Person”

  • American country music singer-songwriter Ingrid Andress released a new song “Good Person” with an accompanying music video on April 15, 2022.

    The song follows up the collaborative song “Wishful Drinking” with Sam Hunt, which was released last August.
    It was written by Ingrid Andress, Sam Ellis and Steph Jones. Produced by Ingrid Andress and Sam Ellis.
    “I wrote ’Good Person’ when I realized that I was starting to question a lot of things,” Ingrid Andress said of the song in a statement. “What makes somebody good and what does that look like, and in a world of being so judgmental of other people, what makes you better than them?”
    The video was directed by Olivia Bee. Ingrid Andress continued, “With the video, I really wanted to mesh these worlds of light and dark and highlight the parallels between the two. Stay tuned fam. This is just the beginning.”
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    Ingrid Andress shared on social media, “I don’t know if it’s because I wrote a song called ‘Good Person’ that I’m now hearing people use that term all the time. I’ve tried to be a good person my entire life. You find out that you make mistakes even though you are trying not to, but they’re just inevitable. And it’s always so interesting because when people are referring to somebody as a ‘good person,’ it’s always for a different reason, and it’s based on the values they have in their life. And so, when they see somebody else emulating values that they also value it’s like, that’s what makes them a good person.”
    She continued, “Everything is so relative to what we’ve been trained to think in our lives, and that looks so different for everybody. And so, writing this song ‘Good Person’ was more of me questioning if I was a good person. Something as universal as wanting to be a good person is still the most unknown thing. We all want to be a good person, but none of us can agree on what that looks like. Some of us strive to be the best versions of ourselves because we’re constantly growing and changing. I think we’re all gonna have our own definitions of it forever.”
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