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  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Releases New Album “Unlimited Love”: Streaming

  • American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers released their twelfth studio album “Unlimited Love” on April 1, 2022 via Warner Records.
    It is their first album in six years since the 2016 album “The Getaway”.
    The album comprises 17-track, produced by Rick Rubin.
    The band said of the album in a press release, “Our only goal is to get lost in the music. We spent thousands of hours, collectively and individually, honing our craft and showing up for one another, to make the best album we could. Our antennae attuned to the divine cosmos, we were just so damn grateful for the opportunity to be in a room together, and, once again, try to get better. Days, weeks and months spent listening to each other, composing, jamming freely, and arranging the fruit of those jams with great care and purpose. The sounds, rhythms, vibrations, words and melodies had us enrapt.”
    They continued, “We yearn to shine a light in the world, to uplift, connect, and bring people together. Each of the songs on our new album UNLIMITED LOVE, is a facet of us, reflecting our view of the universe. This is our life's mission. We work, focus, and prepare, so that when the biggest wave comes, we are ready to ride it. The ocean has gifted us a mighty wave and this record is the ride that is the sum of our lives. Thank you for listening, we hope you enjoy it.”
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    On the album, guitarist John Frusciante, who left in 2009, reunited with the band, replacing Josh Klinghoffer.
    Bassist Flea told NME, “It was a big shift for us, parting ways with Josh. He's been with us for 10 years, and it was an emotionally difficult thing to do. Not only was he a great musician, he was also a thoughtful, supportive team-player – a communally-minded, kind and intelligent person. But artistically, in terms of being able to speak the same [musical] language, it was easier working with John. Getting back into a room and starting to play and letting the thing unfold… was really exciting.”
    Drummer Chad Smith said, “We took our time writing Unlimited Love. We were fortunate to be able to have time, and the crazy time that was happening in our world to be able to just hunker down, the four of us in a room and just be creative. It was one of the silver linings of what was happening out there. And we really focused of course, John Frusciante rejoined our group, and we really got to know each other again.”

  • Frontman Anthony Kiedis and drummer Chad Smith explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Not the One”
    “This idea came out from 'I think I know who you are, but maybe I don't. You think you know who I am, but maybe you don't.' Especially in intimate relationships, we all present something and people always have an idea, but what would happen if we just showed each other our very worst from the very start? Like, not trying to impress each other, or just 'I'm kind of a fuck-up and here's my weak suit and my flaws.' And then we would never have to discover that down the line and go, 'What?'”

    “Poster Child”
    “I didn't think that the music from 'Poster Child' was going to survive, because Flea brought in two painfully funky basslines on the same day, and they weren't similar, but the way I was hearing it was like, 'I have to choose. My plate's too full.' And so I chose the other one, which ended up becoming a song called 'Peace and Love' that didn't make the record. The one that I thought was the superior funk was not the superior funk, and then it just took me a long time of living with this music before I found my place. I can't say that any of them were really a struggle or a battle, but it's the one that I was surprised came to life.”

    “These Are the Ways”
    “That's a song that John brought—the arrangement and a version of that melody. I'm never able to recreate his melodies perfectly—he's just on a different melodic level—so I usually put it through a simplification machine. I didn't overthink it. It was the first idea that came to my mind when I heard that arrangement, which is very bombastic and almost like a huge classical orchestra, exploding and then going way back. It was a reflection on life in America, but not a good or a bad reflection—just, this is it. We might be bloated, we might be overloaded with more than we can handle, and let's just take a step back and rethink it just a little bit. But it's not 'this is wrong and that's right.' It's just 'this is who we've become.'”

    “Black Summer”
    “Black Summer is apropos because I think it's one of the first ones that John brought in and he had a guitar idea for it, very John-like and sounded very familiar but also new and fresh. This is what we turned it into. Here comes Black Summer.”
  • source : Apple Music
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