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  • Cassidy Mann Releases New Song “Since I Met You”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Cassidy Mann has released a new song “Since I Met You” from her upcoming debut EP “If It's Not Forever”.
    The track was written by Cassidy Mann and Roman Clarke.
    The song sees a vulnerable protagonist telling a close friend “I'm in love with you and always have been.”
    Cassidy Mann explained of the song, “I loved the idea of this song existing in a moment that is very 'now or never.' Like on your last night with the person you're in love with before they get on the train to leave forever.”
    She continued, “I had rewatched the movie Garden State and was listening to that soundtrack a lot, thinking about how special it was. I wanted to write a magical song that could fit in a film, delicate at the beginning with electricity developing like fireworks.”
    She worked with co-producer and her friend Roman Clarke on the EP. She said, “My favourite thing is to write about tiny things that make the bigger picture more important somehow. I was wondering a lot about how two people can be in the same situation and have different memories attached to those times. It's interesting to me how memories are interpretable that way.”
    The EP is set to be released on April 1, 2022.
  • source : Apple Music
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