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  • Laurence DaNova Releases New Song “Marsupial”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Laurence DaNova unveiled his brand new song “Marsupial” on January 14, 2022.
    It was written by Laurence DaNova and Leonard Corcuera. Co-produced by Isaiah Gibbons and Laurence DaNova.
    “My new single, 'Marsupial,' is about how you can be so closely bound to someone and show them the ways of life, only for them to just leave and betray you,” Laurence DaNova said of the song. “The lyrics are taken from a poem of the same name by my good friend, Leonard Corcuera, reinterpreted to explore how a close relationship that is bound like the relationship between a mother and child can evolve into something harmful.”
    He continued, “'Marsupial' captures a longing for something you once had, translated through dark and melancholy instrumentation and vocals.”
    The accompanying music video was directed by Alex Varninschi, who filmed in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania.
    Laurence DaNova said, “We shot the song's music video in the Bucegi Mountains of central Romania to capture the loneliness of this track. You feel so small among the mountains and plateaus of this place, which is incredibly beautiful yet isn't well known globally.”
  • Laurence DaNova grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. In 2018 he released a self-produced 5-track EP “Nine Hundred”, with his former band Vista Del Mar.
    It was travelling — especially living in Southeast Asia — that most inspired his music. Laurence's goal is to make music with an international sound that captures the essence of people and places, through emotive vocals and lyrics that convey struggle and triumph.
    He released his first two solo singles, “Burnout” and “Scapegoat” in late 2019.

  • Photo by François Mittins
  • source : Apple Music
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