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  • earth2zoe Releases New Song “Hallie's Song”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter earth2zoe, formerly known as Zoelly, released a new song “Hallie's Song” on November 26, 2021.
    The song is her first release as earth2zoe under her new label Wax Records, who signed with her back in May.
    It was written by Zoe Katzberg, Alyssa Reid, and Ryan Stewart, who also produced the track.
    “I wrote 'Hallie's Song' over Zoom about a past friendship that we both outgrew,” earth2zoe said of the song. “I remember joining the session and saying 'I literally hate friends.' I was talking about Hallie and how we grew apart when she moved away for school. In the far back of my head, I knew she was going to be leaving like everyone else, but emotionally losing a best friend who I basically was with every hour of the day... I underestimated reality.”
    She continued, “We got into a fight the night before (typical friend stuff) and it pushed me even more to write the song so authentically; the lyrics just flowed out of me. The artwork means so much to me because it's a picture I drew in kindergarten of Hallie and me.”
    She added, “I really love the line 'sometimes when I'm feeling lonely I know you're the only one who really knows me.' This reflects our friendship today; yeah, she's away and I miss her, but at the end of the day what matters is she will always know me best even if we barely talk.”
  • source : Apple Music
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