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  • 2019-11-04
  • MÏRÄNDÄ Releases New Song “Formula”

  • New York-based electro-pop singer-songwriter MÏRÄNDÄ recently signed to Infinite Companion Records and has unveiled a new song “Formula”.
    The track is part of a six-singles project called “Formularcana”, which means represented by a tarot card.
    MÏRÄNDÄ said, “This is a great time to mention that Formula is the first of a 6-part singles project that I’ve been calling Formularcana. This means there are 5 more stunning tarot cards to come - all designed by Dom.”
    She continued, "I’ve chosen the High Priestess to represent this song. Upright she represents intuition, sacred knowledge, divine feminine, and the subconscious mind. When reversed she represents secrets, disconnect from intuition, withdrawal and silence."
    She wrote about artwork of the song, "This single artwork is so very special to me - not only because of what it symbolizes, but because it was created by my wonderful friend, Dominick Scicutella. It means so much that you’re a part of this project and I feel so lucky to share your drawings alongside these songs."
  • She told The 405 Magazine about the single. "I had previously written a song that didn’t follow the structure of your typical pop track. People felt challenged by it," she explained. "I wrote 'Formula' as a response. One of the appeals of pop is that it is so formulaic and effortless to listen to but I want to explore its limits lyrically, in production, and through song arrangement."
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