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  • 2019-07-21
  • Madonna Premieres New Music Video for “Batuka” featuring Orquestra Batukadeiras

  • Madonna premiered a new music video for “Batuka” from her fourteenth studio album “Madame X”.
    The video sets on an island off the coast of Portugal, where she wrote the song and recorded, featuring singing, drumming, and dancing from the all-women Orquestra Batukadeiras. Directed by Emmanuel Adjei. Also, she learned about batuque while living in Portugal.
    Madonna said of the story behind the track in a statement, “We went to a tiny club in the middle of nowhere and a circle of women were sitting in chairs playing leather drums. The music started and they all took turns singing solos in Creole and dancing. It was so inspiring that I asked if possible, to collaborate with them. They agreed and we ended up in the studio recording “Batuka,” this call-and-response song, live. It was a religious experience, just a total celebration of life.”
  • “It wasn’t easy to replicate the significance of our first meeting and how it all happened,” she said. “How they invited me in and gave me a leather drum, sat me down and said ‘Join Us.’ They took turns dancing and embracing me. They invited me into their world and made me feel extremely welcome. When I asked them to record with me it was the exact same experience. They were just as joyful, just as down to earth, just as open, just as loving. I tried to capture the simplicity of that exchange.”
  • source : Rolling Stone
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