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  • 2017-11-15
  • Leilani Wolfgramm Premieres New Song “Live Wire!”
  • Orlando-based reggae singer-songwriter Leilani Wolfgramm has delivered a new song “Live Wire!” via streaming music music services.
    The song was premiered exclusively on LADYGUNN. The track is taken from her upcoming EP, which will be released in January 2018.
    Produced by Leilani Wolfgramm, Fredro Odesjo and Joshua Sadlier-Brown.
    She performed the new song for the fist time at the Chili Vibrations Music Festival in Florida on November 17.
    Also, she will tour Marching Orders Winter Tour 2018 along with Hawaii reggae band The Green in January 2018.
    Learn more about tour dates, click here.

    About the new song, Leilani Wolfgramm said;
    “We are more superficial than we’ve ever been. More materialistic. More desperate for attention. More naked, more insecure. More depressed. ‘Live Wire’ is about the lies we tell ourselves. If we take away our personas, our masks, we start to see how ugly we’ve become and how sad we really are. Walking around covering up who we are is like walking on a live wire. It’s dangerous, it’s electrifying, the attention we get when we get a complement or a ‘like’. That feeling starts to become a drug. And before we know it our confidence is reliant on compliments, it’s fake security and we just keep chasing the high till we die.”

  • Leilani Wolfgramm joined her brother's reggae band in 2012. She went to solo artist and released a debut album "Rebel" on July 22, 2014.
    She signed to Raleigh Publishing 2016. Her music style is lyrically driven accompanied by island rhythms and moody vocals, and influenced from Bob Marley Bob Dylan and Lauryn Hill.
    "I choose reggae because Bob Marley showed me a song can change the world i choose folk because Bob Dylan showed me a song can change your mind and i choose r&b because Lauryn Hill showed me a song can change your heart and a girl can be better than the boys."
  • source : LADYGUNN
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