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  • 2017-06-10
  • Hanne Leland Premieres New Song “You Don’t Own Me” on SoundCloud
  • Norwegian/Swedish singer-songwriter Hanne Leland has delivered a new song "You Don’t Own Me" via SoundCloud.
    The song is taken from her new EP and written by Hanne Leland and Steven Longs. The track follows up "QUEEN", which was released in September 2016.

    About the new song, she told Galore in an interview;
    "“You Don’t Own Me” is a message of empowerment, but it also has that vulnerable feel, because the truth is, I don’t always feel strong and empowered. It’s a song I wrote about being hurt deeply, almost to the point of being bullied, but brushing myself off, and getting back on my feet. The message I want to convey through the song is that no matter what happens to you, or what people do to you, no one and nothing owns you, your mind, your body, or your happiness. You can rise again after falling. I think it’s important to spread the message of empowerment because I am lucky enough to live in the a part of the world where I get to express myself freely, and I think it’s important to use that opportunity for the good."

    Hanne Leland signed to American indie label in 2011 and recorded a debut album. But she trashed it. In 2013, she re-recorded her debut album "Honest" along with a different producer and a new team in Nashville, who was Taylor Swift's and Dolly Parton's band. After recording, she signed to the Norwegian management Siwu Music and the German label Believe Digital.Her debut album was released in 2014.
    At first, her music style is country music, but she changed to electro-pop music in 2015. She released the electro-pop single "Keep On Movin" in March 2016.

  • Her interview with MuzikSpeaks below.
  • source : Galore
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