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  • Bishop Ivy Releases New EP “parasocial”: Streaming

  • Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Bishop Ivy released his third EP “parasocial” on October 15, 2021 via Handwritten Records.
    The EP comprises of 5-track, produced by Bishop Ivy. The lowercase songs “parasocial,” “the park” and “tunnel vision” are written about another person and the uppercase tracks “STAND UP” and “CAN'T IMAGINE” are written about himself.
    The word “parasocial” describes a type of one-sided relationship people have with those who aren't aware of the relationship, like celebrities or even fictional characters.
    Bishop Ivy said, “I also like the similarity to the word 'paranormal' further tying into the analogy of ghosts and the ghostly nature of the record in general.”
    He told IndieMusic about songwriting process, “I generally come up with melodies when I'm not trying to, and when that happens I'll quickly record them. I also usually am regularly journaling anything that I think could turn into a song later. When I find that some journal happens to feel the same way as a certain melody, I'll run with that to write a song. When I find a song that happens to go well with a certain beat I've made, I'll combine those into a recording.”
  • Bishop Ivy explained about some tracks of the EP.

    “tunnel vision”
    “This song featured some of my new experiments in production, like recording myself banging around with some tools and turning that into the song's percussion, and taking a train sample to use sort of as an ominous string section. That 'beep' throughout the entire song was from a check-out line at Target, as is revealed in the final few seconds in the song. Camera clicks also make an appearance in the chorus.”

    “the park”
    “The central metaphor is that I locked myself in those good memories I have, which is what 'the park' represents. The bridge represents a realization of this and beginning of letting go, which coincides with a fitting change in the music. The hi-hats include my dad's motorcycle starting up. The snare is me hitting a stop sign, and another snare is me smashing my skateboard into a wall. What is effectively the crash cymbal was a harpsichord some professor played at my school and I recorded a single note.”

    “STAND UP”
    “This realization to stand up for myself was encouraged by the constant isolation I was in at the time of writing because of covid; I had to take care of myself and value myself more than before.”
  • source : Apple Music
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