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  • salem ilese Releases Debut EP “(L)only Child”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based alt-pop singer-songwriter salem ilese released her long-awaited debut EP “(L)only Child” on May 21, 2021.
    The EP comprises of 6-track, produced by Bendik Møller, Bendik Moller, Cautious Clay, Dave Burris, Eivind Rebnord, Evan Voytas, Grant Averill, HXNS and salem ilese.
    She wrote most of the songs throughout the past three years. salem ilese told Happy Magazine about the EP, “Most of the songs were written sporadically throughout the past three years. (L)onley Child was actually written first it was actually a class project, so I went to Berkley College of Music in Boston for two years, and that one was the hardest song to finish ever in my life. It took two full years of versions and rewrites, and I wrote it with my friends. We went through so many different ideas, I think we scrapped five different verses, it didn't have a bridge until the last few versions we brought in. Another producer on it named Ivan, from Norway, whose a close friend of my boyfriends. Bendik also kinda executive produced the whole EP, he's not a producer on every song and he's not a writer on every song, but I always play things for him and he always gives his feedback and kinda makes it really cohesive which is super nice. The rest of them were mostly sessions randomly that I did in LA with anyone that would write with me.”
  • She continued, “I came out here when I was 19, and just threw myself into any session that would have me! I got lucky in a few of them, and for songs like Romeo & Juliet, and good, not great, I kinda didn't really think I was writing for myself at the time, I was just writing a song for that day. But then I kinda lived with them, and I was like 'oh no, I wanna keep this and release it' so, I reached out to the collaborators and was like 'hey guys, can I keep this and put it on the EP?' So, that's kinda how it came together and I'm lucky because the collaborators are the sweetest people. It all kinda came together very sporadically, but for some reason it feels very cohesive to me.”
  • source : Spotify
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