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  • Audrey Mika Releases New Song “Alive”

  • American singer-songwriter Audrey Mika released her brand new song entitled “Alive” on May 26, 2021 via RCA Records.
    It was written by Audrey Mika, Amisha Mallick Sarkar, Andrew Luce, Jesse Saint John, Midi Jones and Yasmeen Al-Mazeedi.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Mara Whitehead. In the clip, she showcased the performance as a dancer for the first time.
    “This song is a huge reminder to me to be thankful that I am even here and alive in this world and appreciating the ups and downs of life,” Audrey Mika said of the song. “It's a reminder and affirmation that it's okay to not always be okay and to surround yourself with people that look out for you. I've come to realize that I wanted to bring dancing and my music together and go back to this part of me. I think that dancing adds vulnerability and I felt it went hand in hand with this song. The dancing, the singing, and the lyrics show all the different sides of me and who I am. And I hope I can share, and inspire others to do the same and show them that they can trust themselves when things become uncomfortable.”
  • Sha shared on social media, “EXHALE. wow does this song touch mah heart! and i hope it does urs too. i am so grateful to be able to share this side of me with y'all. dancing was something i had done for 15 years of mah life and was the only thing i knew, and soon music became something that i felt sm more passion for. but i decided i was ready to bring those 2 worlds together. i was so scared to dance again cuz i knew i was gonna doubt myself. fr!!! but i wasn't gon let fear stop me from showing y'all who i am. i trusted myself. just want to thank monika and jen for helping me thru the dancing process and helping me gain back my confidence in dance. being able to let loose again felt so so good and also creating a dance piece was something i had always wanted to do. as always lauren for being mah cheerleader and always believing & executing ideas flawlessly. ily. chloe for beautyfying me and leaving me w NO CREASES b!!! jesse midi andrew and misha for creating such a beautiful piece of music that i am so proud to call my own. ben, zubin & clay for capturing the behind the scenes n the creating of this piece. mara & travis for directing and bringing my vision to LIFE in such a simple beautiful way UGH. my goal is to be able to show u that you can trust urself and BE VULNERABLE. to show all sides n to not let fear get in the way of YO DREAMS MY BB!!! fear is a bitch and will always try n tear ya down. jus say you ARE BLOCKED. ugh this song means the fucking world to me just like you. i hope it touches u the same way it does for me. so many beautiful people bringing dis all to life. i love you and thank you for everything. woo i was scared. i did it.”
  • source : Spotify
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