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  • Lucas DiPasquale Returns With New Song “Begging For The Tide”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Lucas DiPasquale returned with a new song “Begging For The Tide”.
    It is his first single in five years. Also, the single is the first song after leaving a major label, Universal Music Canada.
    The track was written and produced by Lucas DiPasquale.
    “'Begging For The Tide' is special to me because it's one of the only songs I'm releasing that I produced entirely on my own – with support from "D10" Tennant (Drake), issuing a new chapter in my career since parting ways with a major label,” Lucas DiPasquale said of the song. “I had trailed off into writing about a girl that I liked. I described her as a warm wave of ocean water and that took me back to visiting Hilton Head Island with my family as a kid. My dad would take my brothers and me to the beach in the evening when the waves would be really big and we would get decked trying to boogie board into them. The bigger the waves, the better.”
  • He continued, “That experience inspired the entire song – I liked this girl so much that I felt like I was sitting on a beach begging for a wave to come and envelop me. I wanted to see her so bad that I found myself asking the universe to make it happen. Flowing with references to the sea, my fave line is and the siren song in every sigh is drowning out all of my pride, enough to plead with Poseidon. I knew I wanted to mention a siren – one of those mermaid-type ladies that made old-timey sea captains crash their boat because they're so dreamy..”
  • source : SoundCloud
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