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  • Cooper Bloom Releases Debut Song “Drinkin Alone”

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Cooper Bloom unveiled a debut song “Drinkin Alone” on May 14, 2021.
    The track was written by Aviva Mongillo, Dexter Brown, Gavin Brown and Jakke Erixson.
    Cooper Bloom said of the song, “There is strength in being honest with yourself and speaking your truth. The last two years for me have been super difficult. I think drinking during the hard times was an escape for me to stop thinking about the reality of everything going on. 'Drinkin Alone' is hopeful and uplifting, a song that would have helped me when I needed to make a change for the better.”
    He continued, “By acknowledging that drinking wasn't a healthy way for me to cope, I turned to healthier outlets such as songwriting, working out, and cooking. Looking back now at a darker point in my life has made me realize that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”
    He added, “Sonically, "Drinkin Alone" definitely feels the most authentic to where I am right now in my life & it sets the foundation for what's to come next.”
  • source : Spotify
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