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  • Tim Kile Releases Debut Album “These Things Are Being Gathered For The Fire”: Streaming

  • Grammy Award winner band Arcade Fire's former member and American alt-rock band Wild Light co-founder, Tim Kile released his debut solo album “These Things Are Being Gathered For The Fire” on April 29, 2021.
    The album comprises of 10-track, including preceding singles “Wasteland”, “My Medicine” and “Buddy Holly/Seazons”.
    Tim Kile shared on social media, “Now that the new record's out, I wanted to shine a light on some details. The album title is kind of a story. 'These Things Are Being Gathered for the Fire.' It's a handful and a mouthful. Where did it come from you ask? Well... I was in rough shape for a lot of the making of this album. I have mysterious autoimmune type illness, and as the project progressed, my health was in a state of severe deterioration. It got to where I couldn't eat without excruciating pain. Having a sip of a smoothie would cause me pain for days. I kept losing weight, and eventually had to be hospitalized for 11 days with malnourishment and dehydration. I had just finished the record, and it was like I passed the finish line just in time for this complete personal collapse. The title, These Things Are Being Gathered for the Fire, came to me in a dream from this period...”
  • He continued, “In a restless, semi-conscious sleep I dreamt that I walked through blank space; heavy, consumed with the attachments of day-to-day life: receipts, to-do lists, sets of keys, empty contact lens boxes; all the bullshit and kitsch that clutter our view every day. It filled my pockets and my soul in that infinite sort of way that can only happen in dreams. It was difficult to move or think. I couldn't keep track of it all, but I felt like I needed to. It was like I was divided into a million pieces. In a state of deep distress, I cried out, 'Why is this happening to me!!' As clear as day, a voice answered, 'these things are being gathered for the fire'. I immediately fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. It took a long time and a lot of work to build back to health. But that dream functioned as a North Star through it all.”
    He added, “Sometimes the idea of making music seemed very far away. But I remembered that dream. It helped me believe what I was going through had an end. To just keep going, that I would conquer all this bullshit. It was all being consolidated, and it would be 'consumed by the fire'; the fire that I was building every day. That circle is now closing. Feels like I'm coming back to myself. Maybe in a different way than ever before.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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