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  • Ben Sefton Releases Debut Song “Humans”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Ben Sefton has delivered a debut song “Humans” via streaming music services.
    The song features a jazz-influenced sound. The melody and chord progression are interesting, which is reminiscent of like British singer-songwriter Jacob Collier.
    “In 2017, I moved to Montreal to record my first EP with friends, but had to switch gears when they were no longer available to help. I got a job working as a window washer for a small company that only had very rich clientele, who lived in the luxurious mansions and apartments in the affluent community of Westmount,” Ben Sefton explained of the song. “After a long day of wax-on, wax-off arm movements around tall cacti and expensive furniture, I'd come home via the dreary metro in my dirty blue shirt, still wet with suds and sweat with a strong sense of isolation and loneliness. I'd sit alone in the tall, dimly lit dining room of the hundred year-old house I was renting a room in, and gorge on celery pieces with peanut butter. As I sat there I would think to myself: what does all of this mean? What does it mean to be a rich person or a poor person? I don't identify with any of this: class, age, the formalities of adult life.”
  • He continued, “I had this urge to finally make a song that reflected how strange this world is to me – how foreign all of the normal things really are, in my eyes. An anthem of sorts for all my fellow aliens out there who feel like an outsider; with an eerie, space vibey intro, as if exploring the remains of a crashed vessel upon some innocent, unsuspecting farmland. In 2019, I finally began recording 'Humans' in LA, later enlisting the help of some killer brass players to create the triumphant, cinematic trumpet blasts.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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