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  • Kaleema Releases New Album “Útera”: Streaming

  • Argentinian singer and producer Heidi Lewandowski, aka Kaleema released her sophomore album “Útera” on March 12, 2021 via Wonderwheel Recordings.
    The album comprises of 10-track, featuring guest appearance from Ivana Mer. It is her first LP in four years.
    The album is a product of Kaleema's creative space, a hightech sanctuary wherein she has refined not only her sophisticated electronic.
    She started making the album in 2018 and wrapped up in 2019. She arranged, composed, performed, sang, and produced the new album in its entirety all herself.
    Kaleema told Rolling Stone about the album, “The album was an intense and learning process. I usually have absolute control of the musical part and I produce everything in a very artisanal way. I have my synthesizers and I also work with some VSTs. Most of the things I record and program them in this studio, for example, the beats and the drums, but, when I want to have another color, I go to the studio of a friend who has amazing microphones and there I finish recording the voices, violins, cellos, flutes, everything that is the quenacho, quena, pincullo, which are the Andean aerophones that I use.”
  • She continued, “On this album I encouraged myself to express myself with my voice, I really like words and poetry, and I gave myself the freedom to take it as another instrument, compared to my first album. On the one hand, it gives me freedom and on the other, more work, because I also have to think as a composer, producer, performer and lyricist. It did me good to write the songs and develop the melodies, because I usually think of music as an instrumentalist. That was the process because, not having feedback from another producer or musician, I live creatively dialoguing with myself and that also allows me to be organic, artisanal and takes longer. I take days to listen to harmonies, melodies, different timbres and that's how I work the songs ”.

  • She added, “I went through some health problems while producing the album and decided to make it more personal. I wanted to capture and sing what was happening to me, and I even spoke about universal love. The album is full of symbolism because I am fascinated by ancestral culture and the relationship that native peoples have with nature, the world, the elements and with oneself. It is something that inspires me, but I feel that at some point we lost that ability to know ourselves as part of the natural world, we move away and we begin to feel like something external and that, in part, is a consequence of the way we are hurting , burning, murdering and looting Mother Nature. Connection and empathy were lost. Sometimes the letters flow in the moment and other times, I get up in the middle of the morning to write.”
  • source : Rolling Stone
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