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  • Kenna Shares New EP “Something To Ground Me”: Streaming

  • Nashville alt-pop singer-songwriter Mckenna Flaherty, aka Kenna released her new EP “Something To Ground Me” on December 11, 2020.
    It is her first EP in two years since “In the Grey”, which was raised money to create via Kickstarter.
    The EP comprises of 4-track, including acoustic version of “Better Half”. Produced by Jared Anderson.
    The EP features '80s pop and electronic-pop vibes sound.
    Mckenna Flaherty told Buzz Music about the 1st track “Static”, “This is actually a pretty new sound for me to be putting out into the world! This is definitely not something we've done before but I had such a good time experimenting with this sound. I'd say my songs coming out over the next year are not all this straight-ahead '80s, but they do have some '80s inspired synths because it's just so fun to use that vibe. Our approach has always been to combine organic-sounding instruments with pop/synth-based music. A lot of what you'll hear in the future centers around that idea ;) ”
  • She said of the 2nd track “Better Half” in an interview with Buzz Music, “I think this song was totally healing for me. It helped me reconnect with that inner self within me that always knows I'm where I'm meant to be. This song definitely feels like a fun pop song on the surface. When we went back into the studio to record it, I realized how meaningful it was to me to write a song of this nature. It became more to me than just a song I love to dance to. It's a meaningful bop. So, what really came up for me when the recording was a connection with that side of me I am always trying to bring out in my everyday life - a side who is unapologetic, willing to take chances, unafraid of the uncertainty, who approaches everything with curiosity and intention.”
    She said of the 3rd track “Harvest” in a statement, “'Harvest' is about having a hard time staying in the moment, being attentive to what's here right now. “We've all learned a lot during this difficult year. There will always be uncertainty and an abundance of change. A big part of life is learning to shift and shape with the changing winds, without losing heart.”
    Kenna is an LGBTQIA+ identifying artist who stands for unapologetically living her truth. Her music creates a brave space of depth and meaning, combining heartfelt lyrics with memorable melodies and catchy rhythms.
  • source : SoundCloud
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